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Popular Los Cabos Attraction Reopens Following 3 Month Closure After Tourist Lost Arm

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The director of Civil Protection in Los Cabos announced that the popular eco-tourism attraction known as “Rancho Sol de Mayo” will be able to reopen after being shut down in August because of an accident. The ranch features multiple natural pools and rock formations that tourists usually enjoy exploring and swimming in. Unfortunately, in August, a tourist slipped and fell while exploring one of the aforementioned rock formations and waterfalls on the resort property. The incident ultimately led to her losing one of her arms, and this prompted the closure of the facility.

Sol de Mayo Ranch

Francisco Javier Cota Márquez, Sub Director of Civil Protection, which is the government office that ordered the closure and was overseeing the case, mentioned that “Rancho Sol de Mayo” owners were asked to upgrade security measures in and near the area where the accident took place. The property owners complied with the requests made by Civil Protection, and after validating the new safety features, the attraction will be allowed to reopen immediately.

Water and rock formation

Cota Marquez had this to say on the issue, “As the days went on, property owners were asked to comply with indications that were given to them by the Civil Protection, and the municipal board of Los Cabos. They complied with everything up until today, and that’s why the closure seals that were stamped on the property will be removed. Starting tomorrow (today), the Sol de Mayo property will be able to operate normally”

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dirt road

Added Safety Measures To The Los Cabos Popular Attraction          

The “indications” that Sub Director Cota Marquez is referring to are essentially added safety features that the owners of the ranch were required to implement within the facility, specifically in the “Fox Canyon” area, which is where the unfortunate incident took place. Before the accident, tourists were more or less able to roam the area freely. That will no longer be an option moving forward. 

Zorra Canyon area Los Cabos

Guides will have to accompany tourists throughout the canyon area. Also, there have to be certified first responders on hand for the attraction to be able to operate. Presumably, the ranch had to implement or upgrade a medical facility that should have all of the necessary equipment to be able to tend to injured guests. Staff that tends to the cabin/resort part of the ranch was also trained in first aid practices, as well as the proper use of a fire extinguisher to avoid potential wildfires developing on ranch property.

Guided tour in Los Cabos

Finally, the owners of the property also had to set up a properly signaled evacuation route from the facility to be used in case of emergency. Tourists heading to Rancho Sol de Mayo will be much safer than they were before the unfortunate accident. 

Camping Tent on Beach

Booking Day Trips & Overnight Stays At Rancho Sol de Mayo       

The ranch has updated its Airbnb page to be able to have guests book an overnight stay on the property at one of their cabins. Through the platform, a night at Rancho Sol de Mayo is going for around 77 dollars plus fees. Also, tourists who want to book a day trip or the possibility of camping at the ranch can contact the resort directly through WhatsApp. The phone number is on their most recent Facebook post

All mentions of the accident and the subsequent closure of the attraction have been removed from Sol de Mayo’s official social media accounts. This was potentially done in an effort to not confuse new tourists who may want to be headed to the area. Also, there’s no reference to the new guidelines that tourists will have to follow. Presumably, anything that tourists who want to head to the ranch need to know will be explained to them once they arrive.

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