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Tourists Urged To Practice Caution At This Popular Los Cabos Beach Due To Dangerous Marine Life Presence

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Most people heading to Los Cabos do so to make the most out of the breathtaking beaches present in this Mexican municipality. 

However, tourists on vacation right now may have to postpone their beach time as one of the most popular playa in the area is now under advisory due to the presence of jellyfish in its waters.

View of Medano Beach from a rooftop restaurant

We are talking about the popular El Médano Beach.  

Everything you need to know about El Médano Beach

On Friday, the 25th, The Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) declared that white flags had been placed on El Médano Beach, limiting people’s entrance to the water. 

Jellyfish in the water

This was done to warn tourists about the presence of dangerous fauna in the area, in particular jellyfish.

Unfortunately, El Médano is one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, meaning that this news has affected plenty of people. It is still unclear when the area will become safer for swimming again. 

Yellow flags and red flags

According to local news, many beaches in Los Cabos now have a yellow flag on their shore. This is a sign of danger, meaning that the currents and waves are quite strong. 

Yellow flag with clear sky

When yellow flags are placed on a shore, people are still allowed to get in the water provided that they exercise extreme caution. 

Some of the beaches that now have yellow flags are Las Viudas, El Corsario, Acapulquito, Hacienda, El Chileno, and Palmilla. 

Despite this, it’s important to remember that some of these areas, such as Acapulquito Beach, are never fully safe for bathers, and in some of these places, only surfing is allowed due to the strong waves typical of these beaches. 

El Medano Beach, Los Cabos

Red flags, indicating a ban from entering the water for everyone, regardless of their swimming skills, were also raised in several areas of the municipality. Among these are El Surgidero, La Gaviota, and those of the famous Tourist Corridor. 

Local authorities are now strongly advising tourists to follow the recommendations issued by the local lifeguards and Civil Protection. 

On top of this, all visitors heading to Los Cabos are soon asked to memorize what the color of each flag represents to know at all times whether a certain beach is safe or not. 

Red flag with stormy sky in the background

Apart from the already discussed red, yellow, and white flags, tourists here may find black flags. These represent the highest level of danger and are a prohibition from not only entering the water but also from accessing the shore. 

This is because currents and waves can be so strong they drag people walking on the shore into the water against their will. 

Lastly, green and blue flags are positive signs. The former means that everyone can safely access the water without worrying, while the second is an international certification of excellence given to the best beaches in the world for the cleanliness of their waters, safety levels, and service provided to tourists. 

Playa El Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Some Los Cabos’ activities for when the water is inaccessible

Tourists heading to Los Cabos soon, however, should not worry too much. Water conditions tend to change quickly, meaning that there is a good chance several beaches will soon be accessible to visitors again. 

On top of this, Los Cabos is much more than a beach destination. Tourists heading here will be able to choose among a wide variety of activities to fill up their days. 

Nature lovers can opt for a hike in the nearby Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range or try to spot migratory birds in the breathtaking Estuary of San José del Cabo. 

Birds enjoying the waters of the estuary of San José

If, on the other hand, your idea of a holiday is all about relaxing, you can opt for one of the many spa and wellness centers located in the area. 

Last but not least, you can consider the idea of visiting one of Los Cabos’ nearby villages, such as El Migriño, La Ventana, and Los Barriles to truly immerse yourself in the laid-back Mexican lifestyle typical of small towns. 

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