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Why This Gorgeous Lesser Known Beach Town Near Los Cabos Should Be Your Next Baja Getaway

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Beyond the popular trio of Los Cabos, La Paz, and Todos Santos lies more to be discovered.

Southern Baja is one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico, which is why travelers are willing to pay premium prices to stay here.

For those seeking to escape the sky-high prices of Cabo resorts tend to head off to one of two places – La Paz or Todos Santos.


These two gorgeous coastal destinations are, at the very least, worthy of a day trip, but many find themselves staying longer.

There are charming small towns here and there to explore as well, but one is rarely ever talked about.

Approximately a 2-hour drive from the Los Cabos International Airport is a quaint beach town that will rock your socks off.

Incredible Secluded Beaches

Whether you’re a first-timer to Cabo or not, surely you are aware of how crowded one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico can become.


El Sargento Baja California Sur

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One of many reasons why more travelers find themselves outside the city limits. But rather than go to the usual spots, why not give El Sargento a try?

One of the last true hidden gems of Baja, El Sargento, lies southeast of La Paz along a pristine coastline.

Neighboring another pint-size beach town, La Ventana, these two towns are commonly mentioned together.

With Spring Break coming in hot, there may be no better spot on this side of Mexico to escape the crowds since Todos Santos has become so trendy as of late.

el sargento sign on beach

This surfers’ paradise has rave reviews for those who do know of one of Baja’s best-kept secrets, especially for Playa Agua Caliente, where beachgoers can dip into natural hot springs.

Top Rated Resorts

Los Cabos may be the mecca for immaculate resorts but don’t sell El Sargento short. I mean, how many resorts in Cabo hold a perfect 5-star rating on TripAdvisor? Zilch!

Guests have spoken loud and clear. The favorite hotel of El Sargento is undoubtedly Todo Bien Hotel & Resort.

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Holding a perfect rating on TripAdvisor has to say something, right? Perched by the seaside with stunning views overlooking the ocean, this resort has everything you ever want away from the crowds, including a swimming pool, on-site bar and restaurants, fire pits, and fun activities like kitesurfing.

Todo Bien is not the only beloved resort in the area. There are numerous lodges, villas and more beach resorts lined along the coast and in the heart of the desert.

Glamping, Anyone?

If there is one characteristic known about El Sargento that travelers love just as much as the beaches, it’s the unique glamping sites.

el sargento mexico coastline

For those unaware of the concept of glamping, it’s essentially glamorous camping for those who get the heebie-jeebies camping the old-fashioned way.

There are multiple glamping sites to choose from for an awesome stay you’ll never forget. Take Quercas Baja, for example.

Here, guests can stay in a one-of-a-kind pod known as a geodetic dome to enjoy the outdoors in luxury.

It’s hard to bring a King-size bed along on a traditional camping trip, but Quercas has you covered. And no need to relieve yourself behind a tree anymore either since the domes are equipped with modern bathrooms.

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Glamping is the way to go in 2024, and El Sargento is one of the best locations to take in the sights and sounds of this desert oasis.

Small Town Charm

Visiting major cities is great and all, but there is just something magical about small towns. It’s no different for El Sargento, where visitors can’t help but enjoy the slower pace with no golden arches or green mermaid logos in sight.

The secluded beaches are the main attraction, but walking through town will take you back in time.

town of el sargento mexico

A stop at a local bakery, coffee shop, or even the beachside tiki bar may be a far cry from the city life, but those seeking a tranquil escape will love El Sargento’s small-town charm.

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