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Cristina Miceli – Los Cabos Travel Writer

Cristina Miceli Cabo Sun Travel Writer
Cristina Miceli

About Cristina Miceli

Cristina Is A Writer At The Cabo Sun

“I have a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Limerick and have been working as a freelance writer for the last three years.

I am a full-time traveler and have visited several countries on three continents. In my free time, I enjoy reading whatever book I find on the road, drinking way too much tea, and listening to jazz or classical music.”

Cristina Miceli

Cristina Miceli Background

Experience: 3 Years of Journalism & Writing Specializing in Los Cabos Travel

Articles Written: Over 1,000

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Cristina Miceli’s Recent Posts:

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    As Los Cabos’ popularity increases, so does the number of scammers offering fake services to the many tourists visiting this area. In the last few days, several people started to complain about a travel agency known as VG Tours, located in …
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    Forbes magazine just published its list of best hotels in Los Cabos. The article mentions a total of 12 hotels divided into categories such as Best Beachfront Hotel In Los Cabos (The Cape), Best Hotel For Nightlife In Los Cabos (Hard …
  • Los Cabos Tourists Frustrated With Long Wait Times At Airport
    Dozens of tourists waited for several hours at San José Airport in Los Cabos to complete their immigration procedures before being able to exit the building. The luggage delivery system was also extremely slow, taking hours to return tourists their belongings. Several …
  • 4 Alternative Los Cabos Accommodation Options For Under $100 This Winter
    As Los Cabos keeps getting more and more popular and breaking all tourism records, its prices keep increasing. With an average luxury room in the municipality costing over $1,000 per night, tourists coming to this destination are now wondering whether other …
  • How To Save As The Average Los Cabos Traveler Spends Over $3,000 Per Trip
    Los Cabos is renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious resorts. Not by chance, this destination consistently ranks among the top luxurious locations in Mexico. But, with amazing facilities also comes high prices.  According to a recent interview with Rodrigo …
  • Los Cabos Authorities Advise Caution On Most Beaches As High Season Begins
    On December 1st, The Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in Los Cabos announced the closure of several beaches in the municipality due to the dangerous weather conditions.  The National Meteorological Service reported extremely strong winds ranging from 5 …
  • Why This Is The Best Time To Visit This Charming Beach Near Los Cabos
    Every Los Cabos fan knows the most popular beaches in the municipality. Lovers Beach, Chileno Beach, El Medano Beach… the list goes on and on.  But there are a few hidden gems scattered all over Los Cabos that still need to …
  • Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit This Charming Town Near Los Cabos 
    In recent years, Los Cabos has become popular among tourists all over the world thanks to its exciting activities, luxury resorts, and spectacular beaches.  Getting bored in Los Cabos is almost impossible, but there are times when visitors feel the need …
  • Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours To Start In 9 Days
    With the arrival of the winter, whales finally reach the coast of Baja California Sur after a long journey that started months ago in the Arctic.  But while the first whales have already been spotted in the Los Cabos municipality, whale-watching …
  • Why Los Cabos Is Smashing All Tourism Records This Year
    According to the Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, Los Cabos’s popularity keeps increasing year after year.  Recent data reports how this popular destination has experienced an increase of half a million tourists in 2023 compared to …