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Why Spring Is The Best Time To Visit This Charming City Near Los Cabos

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There are plenty of small towns close to Los Cabos where you can escape the high-season crowds.

From El Sargento to Migriño and La Ventana, the options are endless. 

Tourists on the Malecon in La Paz, Mexico

But sometimes tourists prefer to head to a larger city to get accustomed to authentic Mexican culture, in all its vibrant and lively nuances. 

For tourists traveling to Los Cabos soon, the city of La Paz is the ideal solution. But why should visitors head here in spring? Here are three reasons why spring is the best time to visit La Paz. 

A brand new walking trail 

According to local news, tourists heading to La Paz in March will be able to see the brand-new walking trail of Cerra Atraversado.

This newly built trail will lead to a viewpoint where visitors will be able to take marvelous photos of the city. 

People stroll the commercial district of downtown La Paz.

The project also includes the construction of bathrooms and the addition of public lighting along the route. 

Patricia Ahumada Verduge, the General Director of Comprehensive Management of La Paz, recently gave information about the current state of the works: “We added some benches so that people could sit and watch the sunset.”

She later stated that works are being slightly slowed down as they “Intersect with the other work of the water treatment plant brought by the SAPA”. Despite this, the project should be ready by March 2024.

tourism from various states of Mexico who are visiting Playa El Coromuel, during summer vacations, on a nice and quiet warm morning

This area is particularly popular among the citizens of La Paz, who often come here to train or enjoy a nice walk. 

It can, therefore, be a great spot for tourists to blend in with the locals while enjoying a breathtaking view over the city of La Paz. 

Last chance to spot whales

Spring is also the last chance for tourists heading to Baja California Sur to spot whales. These majestic animals approach the coasts of this Mexican state in early December to mate and then leave again in mid-April. 

View of the Malecon in La Paz

There are plenty of providers offering tourists the opportunity to see these stunning animals living their daily lives in their natural habitat. 

Professional whale-watching tours usually start at the price of roughly $100 for the most basic service and go up to $400 for the most luxurious experience. 

The coasts of Baja California Sur are home to several whale species, among which are gray whales, killer whales, and humpback whales, renowned for their spectacular jumps out of the water. 

Grey Whales Parent and Offspring swimming in the ocean

Whenever booking a whale-watching tour, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone should follow certain rules to avoid disturbing these wonderful animals. 

In particular, tourists are prohibited from touching the whales at all times, a rule established to prevent these animals from feeling harassed by the many tourists going to see them daily. 

Apart from this, visitors should not disturb whales in any way. This includes obstructing their course, approaching them while they are giving birth or mating, and getting in between a mother and her calf.

Perfect weather for outdoor activities 

isla espíritu santo cliffs

Lastly, spring has the ideal weather conditions for a variety of outdoor activities. With the rainy season still far away, tourists heading to La Paz in the months going from March to June can try out a variety of activities ranging from hiking to swimming with sea lions and sightseeing. 

The Island of Espiritu Santo is the ideal place to try all of the above. Recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site in 2005, this place is the perfect location to immerse yourself in the most unspoiled Mexican nature. 

Isla Espiritu Santo, Sea Of Cortes, la paz baja california sur.

Here, tourists will find plenty of hiking trails for all fitness levels, a vast selection of water activities to try out, such as kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, and over 120 boats offering tours of the island. 

This destination can be reached from La Paz by boat within an hour, providing tourists with the ideal day-trip adventure. 

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