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This Recently Upgraded Resort Is One Of The Most Unique Stays In Los Cabos

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It’s easy to chalk up Los Cabos as just a beach destination, as the pristine coastline is the biggest draw to southern Baja.

Those who do so may have the time of their lives at luxe beachfront resorts, but are simultaneously doing themselves a disservice.

san jose del cabo shoreline

Los Cabos is a desert oasis, a luxury destination where the sun meets the sand in more ways than one.

And even as popular as this vacation hotspot has become, there are still hidden gems to be discovered beyond the name-brand sites and stays.

One of the most unique stays in Los Cabos is often overlooked and just received a major upgrade to entice more tourists to pay a visit.

San Jose del Cabo’s Hidden Paradise

Los Cabos is split up between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo – each with their own flair and appeal.

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San Jose del Cabo tends to hold the last remnants of authentic Mexico, whereas Cabo San Lucas has gone full bore, catering to ritzy vacation experiences.

That’s not to say there aren’t lovely places to stay on this side of the tracks because there definitely are; it just wouldn’t be fair to encapsulate San Jose del Cabo as only a resort hub.

Away from the stunning shoreline is a beautiful resort with rave reviews for those who have discovered its magic already.

Quirky, unique, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing all at once, the ACRE Resort is only getting better after the latest lavish upgrades.

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In fact, Cosmopolitan ranked ACRE as the third sexiest hotel in the world.

Set on 25 acres of lush greenery away from the action, this peaceful setting only adds to the allure of one of the most incomparable stays in Los Cabos.

Treehouse Accommodations

When you’re walking along the beach in front of your upscale resort, you probably haven’t thought to yourself, “Hmm, if only this place had a treehouse…”.

Believe it or not, it’s just what the doctor ordered as ACRE’s guests have been enthralled with their stay despite some hesitations of the open-air thatched framework, but one recent guest stated his stay was “unexpectedly comfortable”.

@thelucasassis_ Let's go to the Acre Resort in Cabo! We got to travel down to Los Cabos in Mexico and stay at the most beautiful resort called Acre. We came down to see the resort behind the brand La Tierra de Acre. The resort was just beautiful, the bartenders were world class and the mezcal was great too. It's awesome to see a brand educating people coming down with little knowledge about the wonderful overwhelming world of mezcal. Having a brand like La Tierra de Acre at a resort like this is such a awesome opportunity to educate travelers. My favorite part was getting to see the passion of the bar staff about the brand and the craft of making cocktails and quality spirits. Thanks for having us and I truly can't wait to be back. #acreresort #treehouse #hotelhideaway #mexicotravel #mexicomagico #besthotels #cabosanlucas #loscabos ♬ original sound – Lucas Assis

Perched atop the palm trees are 13 treehouse-style rooms where guests can relax with the cool Baja breeze and enjoy finer amenities, such as small batch Mezcal and a complimentary gourmet breakfast from the hotel’s award-winning farm-to-table menu.

Not to mention cooling off after a long day with an outdoor shower and private balcony with scenic views of the Baja landscape.

It’s a far fetch when directly compared to the typical resort in Los Cabos, but those seeing something new and just as satisfying, if not more, should look no further than booking a Treehouse at ACRE.

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10 New Haciendas

Those who want to level up even more can now do so by booking the latest upgrade to the resort – 10 new lavish Haciendas.

These standalone residences are catered to larger groups unless you happened to win the lottery lately, as the price tag is a whopping $1800 per night.

Split up between friends, the price is definitely doable for a vacation splurge, and with all the cushy amenities, it’s not a hard sell.

@thecitrinecompass Did you know that the ever-fabulous Acre Baja in San Jose del Cabo has private villas that you can rent or even have fractional ownership of? Here’s a sneak peak at the freshly built 2-bedroom hacienda villa, complete with a private pool, chef’s kitchen and soaking tub of your dreams 🛁 #cabovillas #acrebaja #cabotravel #caboluxury ♬ Smells Good (Loop Version)_Lunch, Recipe, Cafe, Coffee, Cooking, DIY, Foodie, Kitchen, Life Hack,(1287269) – Ney

Each new abode comes with its very own rooftop deck and private pool for the ultimate seclusion amongst loved ones.

These homes were built with larger groups in mind ranging from 3100 to 5500 square feet, so there is plenty of space to hang out or find your own corner of the home to wind down.

In an interview with Travel + Leisure, co-owner of ACRE, Cameron Watt stated, “You have your own space separated from everyone else at the resort with its own swimming pool. And in the larger haciendas, there is a detached residence, so people aren’t on top of each other.”

@misaki.yoshizawa Acre definitely met the hype 👏🏼🤍 #acre #loscabos #acreresort #cabosanlucas #acrewedding ♬ Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell

Further adding, “There’s a lot of space to move around so either people can be having dinner together at the same big table outdoors or they can disperse off into their separate corners and be alone.”

Guests can expect Haciendas to be decked out with modern amenities and will have unlimited access to the rest of the hotel grounds, such as cold plunge tubs, a state-of-the-art gym, and a glistening pool.

Unlike the Treehouses, the Haciendas include air conditioning, in-home laundry facilities, and a SONOS sound system

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Ha! Acre is a rip-off. Too far out of the way. Like most of these places, it's a tourist trap