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These 4 Popular Los Cabos Beaches Are Closed Until Further Notice

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Red flags are currently waving on 4 of the most popular beaches in Cabo. These flags signal that swimming is prohibited in those waters until further notice.

The 4 beaches in question are Playa El Chileno, Las Viudas, Palmilla, and Santa Maria. Ironically at least 3 of these beaches are considered some of the calmest in Cabo.

Currently, though, the average wind speeds in these areas are registering at around 6 mph. With periodic gusts of wind reaching over 16 mph.

Large Waves Hitting A Dock With A Red Flag

These conditions have prompted local authorities to advise beachgoers to refrain from entering the water. 

The rise in wind speeds has also brought forth large waves that continue to hit the shore. Although, as previously stated, some of these beaches are generally calm beaches, they also tend to be rather rocky.

What authorities are looking to avoid is having tourists in the water being pushed up against the rocks in beaches like Palmilla and El Chileno.

El Chileno beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Upon making the announcement that these beaches will be closed, local authorities also mentioned that lifeguards are expected to be on duty throughout the weekend even as swimming is banned.

Lifeguards and members of ZOFEMAT, the federal institute in charge of safeguarding beaches, will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on the conditions at all Cabo beaches. 

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Lifeguard looking at the waves on a beach

Where To Potentially Swim In Cabo This Weekend

In spite of the fact that these 4 popular beaches may remain closed throughout the weekend, there are still going to be spots to enjoy the Pacific Ocean waters for locals and tourists in Cabo over the next few days.

The most popular Cabo beach, Playa El Medano, currently has yellow flags waving on its shores. These indicate that people can effectively swim on the beach.

It is recommended, though, that they proceed with caution. 

View From Riu Hotel of El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

El Corsario Beach, Acapulquito, and Gaviotas are also currently under the yellow flag warning label. For tourists trying to access the beach along the main tourism corridor sector, it’s important to check what the safety rating is in that particular area.

A lot of these beaches are going to have staff on hand from the hotels themselves as well as certified lifeguards on duty to keep a watchful eye on people who do decide to go for a swim. 

grandfather with his grandson walking on a beach on a sunny day.jpg

There’s no guarantee that conditions will remain the same throughout the entire weekend. Therefore, beachgoers are advised to check in with the lifeguards on duty or at least spot the flags that are waving at any particular time.

Authorities strongly urge beachgoers to follow the restrictions that are put in place in order to avoid tragedies like the one that sadly took place a few weeks back during a symposium that lifeguards had to attend. 

Red Flag on a windy day at the beach

A Tropical Storm May Hit Cabo At The Start of Next Week

The first hurricane of the season, Adrian, thankfully is set not to affect the weather in Los Cabos. However, there’s currently a tropical storm forming in its wake that has received the name Beatriz.

That storm could also reach hurricane status and affect cities across Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Current reports indicate that Puerto Vallarta may be the Mexican tourism destination that will see the most severe effects from the storm. 

Storm Headed Towards Los Cabos

Forecasts also indicate that Beatriz could reach Cabo in between Monday and Tuesday of next week, bringing forth wind speeds of up to 45 mph. Under the current conditions it seems unlikely that local authorities will take the risk of downgrading the warning signs at Cabo beaches in the coming days.

In fact, if the storm does come near Cabo at the start of next week, it’s highly likely that more local beaches will be closed off to prevent accidents from taking place.

As previously stated, travelers heading to Cabo in the next few days should check with lifeguards at local beaches to see what restrictions may be present at any particular time, especially if they want to go for a swim.

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