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Los Cabos Travelers Urged To Respect Beach Flags As Life-Threatening Conditions Continue

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Travelers to Los Cabos are being urged to respect the beach flags system more than ever due to the destination developing extreme coastal conditions.

Los Cabos is no stranger to difficult coastal conditions, but the current system has become more life-threatening than ever due to the impact at sea from a hurricane further south along the Mexican Pacific coast.

crashing waves

Beach Flags And Their Meaning

The following are the beach flag colors and their corresponding meaning:

  • Green Flag – Conditions are safe for swimming.
  • Yellow Flag: Use caution while swimming, there is a potential for deteriorating conditions.
  • Red Flag: Dangerous conditions, swimming is not advised.
  • Black Flag: The highest warning level. Do NOT swim.

While a red flag is technically not a “do not swim” order, travelers shouldn’t enter the water in these conditions under any circumstances in Los Cabos.

A red beach flag in los cabos

Beautiful But Dangerous

Los Cabos has many beautiful beaches, and while some are perfectly safe for swimming in calm conditions, others are dangerous to travelers even when calm.

The coastline of Los Cabos has many quirks hidden under the water that make for unsafe swimming conditions.

For example, along many stretches of beach here, the shallow areas of the beach are extremely short, and the sand underfoot can quickly end. This is, of course, a danger to weaker swimmers who find themselves suddenly needing to paddle.

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Waves breaking on the shore

Furthermore, this sudden drop in the sand lends itself to more extreme waves reaching the shore. A gradual sloping sand bank allows the power to be drawn out of ocean waves, whereas the sudden changes in depth allow waves to retain their power right up to the shoreline.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just dangerous swells that travelers need to contend with; many of Los Cabos beaches are home to dangerous undercurrents that can sweep even the strongest swimmers out to sea.

A sign saying strong currents

Be Educated On Water Safety

Like many things in life, a little education can go a long way. The following are some important safety tips for the waters around Los Cabos.

Respect The Flags

Keeping on topic, always respect the flags, even when conditions look safe. Additionally, if travelers are new to a beach and unsure of the conditions, ask the nearest lifeguard.

Swim Parallel

If travelers do get caught in an undercurrent, follow these steps to escape its drag and reach safety:

  • Stay calm – It’s important to remain calm and not panic. Panicking will drain your energy and make it harder to swim.
  • Don’t fight the current – Avoid swimming against the current as it will exhaust you quickly. Instead, swim parallel to the shore to escape the drag of the undercurrent.
  • Signal for help – If you’re struggling or feel exhausted, raise your arm and call for assistance. Lifeguards are on most of Los Cabos’s beaches and will provide support and guide you to safety.
  • Float or tread water – If you’re unable to swim out of the undercurrent, save your energy by floating on your back or tread water until help arrives.
  • Swim with the waves – When swimming parallel to the shore, use the waves to help your movement. Swim with the incoming waves and let them push you closer to the shore.
Mexican lifeguards on an ATV

Conditions Expected To Deteriorate

There is more bad news for travelers looking forward to relaxing swim while on vacation, as the conditions aren’t expected to improve until July 5th at the earliest.

Tropical storm Beatriz is getting closer and is bringing 10-foot (3-meter) high waves. Thankfully for travelers, its status as a hurricane is forecast to weaken to a tropical storm before reaching Los Cabos on July 4th.

Large waves reaching los cabos shoreline

What To Do When The Weather Is Against You

Firstly, travelers shouldn’t be too worried about the approaching storm. Its effects on Los Cabos are forecast to be non-destructive, and the weather will clear up as early as July 5th.

Additionally, the storm isn’t expected to affect temperatures in the destination, so apart from some wind and rain for a day or two, the weather will be as fantastic as ever.

With that being said, travelers might find themselves needing alternative plans to the beach for those couple of days.

The following is a list of fantastic things for travelers to do when the rain falls:

  • Take a Los Cabos museum tour.
  • Go on a tequila tasting and learn about this important cultural drink.
  • Take a shopping spree in one of the awesome upmarket malls.
  • Take a Mexican cooking class to improve taco Tuesdays back home.
  • Make use of the amazing resort amenities in Los Cabos.

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Greis Kaarvalikse

Monday 3rd of July 2023

Just a bunch of bull..Most Mexicans can't swim and the red flags are out no matter the weather system. Keeps the tourists in their hotel pools buying drinks or out shopping.