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The Famous Los Cabos Arch Could Collapse

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Without a doubt the Los Cabos arch is the main landmark that this area is known for. In fact, the arch has been featured in all sorts of promos showcasing Mexican beaches in general. Something that has prompted the arch to gain worldwide notoriety. According to local environmentalist groups though, the arch could be on the brink of collapse! They hope to bring attention to this issue so that local authorities will begin taking steps to save the arch.

El Arco and Lover's Beach Aerial View

Why Would The Famous Los Cabos Arch Collapse?

The arch has been around for literally generations. Why would it suddenly be on the brink of collapsing now? Environmentalist Ana Bertha Sandoval Ojeda, claims that one of the reasons why the arch could collapse has to do with the private tunnel that was built to reach a resort at El Pedregal. The El Pedregal area is a high-end neighborhood on the hillside overlooking the arch. The neighborhood features the Waldorf resort as an anchor to the area. To be able to access this hillside neighborhood though, a private tunnel had to be built. According to Sandoval Ojeda, the project brought forth considerable erosion issues. Which could lead to the collapse of the arch. The environmentalist mentioned,

Cabo High End Area

“They had to make a tunnel to reach the pacific. Well, they didn’t have to make the tunnel, but they made the tunnel to allow people from El Pedregal to reach the pacific.” Sandoval Ojeda would go on to claim that cracks developed in the famous arch because of the tunnel project. This due to the fact that massive amounts of explosives were used to generate the space where the tunnel now runs.

Under Water Tunnel

The Ultimate Downfall For The Los Cabos Arch

At this point it doesn’t seem all that likely that the arch will collapse overnight any day now. The concern though, is that if a new hurricane were to reach the area that could spell disaster for the arch. Hurricanes were not necessarily a reason to be concerned for the well-being of the famous arch. With the structural damage that was done to the area to build the tunnel concerns have certainly increased. Sandoval Ojeda had this to say about her concerns,

Up Close View of Cabo Arch

“My concern is that the arch could come down during a storm. That’s why I want to bring this to the attention of the citizens, and the governments. They should be paying attention to this. That way we’ll be able to join forces, and take the necessary actions to be able to fix the arch”

Heavy Duty Machiney For Repairs

What A Repair Project Would Look Like

If the Los Cabos arch were to come down it wouldn’t just be a hit to the promotional efforts in the region. The tunnel that Sandoval Ojeda references could also be at risk. That’s why she’s proposing a massive repair effort to fix the problem. She mentioned that a geological study was conducted in the area.

The ark at night

The conclusion of this study was that to be able to repair the arch the cracks in the structure would have to be filled from the bottom up. Naturally, this would have to be an effort conducted via a boat. That could allow workers to provide structural repairs to the arch.

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So far the pleas from environmentalist groups to local governments seem to fall on deaf ears. Even though these pleas go as far as 2019. When environmentalist groups began conducting these geological inspections in the area. Realizing that the arch could potentially collapse in the event of a hurricane. In the past calls to repair the arch have highlighted the fact that repairing the arch would be a wiser decision. Rather than waiting for it to fall, and then scrambling to try and restore the structure completely.