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Los Cabos Reputation At Risk Internationally If Traffic Chaos Is Not Fixed Soon

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Traffic issues in Los Cabos have been a problem for years and don’t appear to be getting better. If solutions aren’t brought forth, Los Cabos could begin seeing a decrease in tourism.

San Jose del Cabo highway

College of Architects speaks out

When the governor of Baja California Sur, Victor Castro, recently remarked they should build a bridge at Fornatur roundabout to vent roads, some people were pleased to hear this. No one was happier than Prospero Tapia Hernandez, president of the College of Architects Los Cabos section.

The president of the college commented that he was happy with the proposal. He fears that if road issues are not addressed, Los Cabos could see a setback in tourism.

road in los cabos

Hernandez stressed that actions on such a large scale are required. The entrance of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas needs help.

Hernandez stated, “The College of Architects years ago had already observed these works. The San Jose/San Lucas entrances were not a priority. However, I am glad to hear that it’s urgent; and they are getting attention.”

Road construction

Certain projects need priority

When discussing what projects should be attended to first, they mentioned a few areas. Forjadores needs continuity so it can run parallel to the Transpeninsular road. However, funding is always an issue when considering any of these projects.

 Hernandez addressed the issue, stating, “I think we have to focus on the most obvious problems. There are many options for improvements to our road system, but there isn’t enough funding, so we should address urgent needs. In the past, the College of Architects proposed 20 improvement options; however, the city attended to only half, due to budget.”

road construction

Many areas in Los Cabos need attention, but one urgent need is the geometric correction to the Fonatur roundabout. The modification would be a temporary band-aid while building the new bridge. One idea negated was traffic lights to the area. The city placed lights there years ago, and it was a failure.

In terms of the geometric correction, Hernandez said this consists of an extension of the roundabout. The current design is very narrow, which causes traffic congestion. He also discussed the urgency needed to fix the Cabo San Lucas access. Lines of vehicles between Constituyentes Boulevard and the transpeninsular highway are enormous right now. An underpass incorporated to the side could correct this issue.

road construction equipment

Conclusion by the College of Architects President

“The government must propose definitive action that can quickly help alleviate motorist’s concerns,” Hernandez said. He commented that although the substandard mobility issue is not new for Los Cabos, he hopes the government can resolve it because it is urgent.

Mounting frustrations for tourists and citizens

Lack of quick and free-flowing transportation through Los Cabos has been an issue for over a decade. As the area has become a tourist haven in Mexico, the transportation issues have multiplied. The tourism sector encompasses such a large part of Los Cabos’s economy that they can’t afford to resolve these issues. 
Coming out of a multi-year pandemic has put an even greater emphasis on tourism since demand is so high. With many new tourists making Los Cabos their vacation destination for the first time, first impressions are everything.

Los Cabos art market

In this capacity, Los Cabos cannot afford to have the transportation corridor the black eye of the area.

Spending time in traffic instead of enjoying pristine beaches, world-class restaurants, and family-filled activities is not on any tourist wish list. Tourists missing flights or being stuck in traffic for over an hour is not the lasting impression Los Cabos intends to make.

San Jose del Cabo airport