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Resort Beach In Los Cabos Disappears After Hurricane Kay

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The aftermath of hurricane Kay in Los Cabos continues to be felt in various ways. Certain roads have been heavily affected, as well as resort beaches. Currently, the beach at the Grand Solmar Hotel is non-existent. The waves are hitting the retaining wall of the facility, and make it impossible for tourists to walk on what once was a rather extensive beachfront. This phenomenon is expected to be temporary, but could certainly affect tourists who had planned to stay at certain local hotels in the coming days. 

High Tide In Los Cabos Beach

Which Hotels Are Being Affected By The High Tides?

The beachfront at the Grand Solmar resort is the one that is currently completely covered by the waves. This is the beach that sits right in front of the Los Cabos arch. This is essentially the same beach that the Waldorf Astoria sits on. Currently, the tide isn’t reported to be as high on the Waldorf Astoria section of the beach. However, tourists are advised to proceed with caution if they plan to take walks on the beach. 

waldorf Astoria resort pool

On previous occasions when similar conditions have presented themselves on these beaches, beach goers have unfortunately been pulled into the ocean by the tides. Tourist deaths have occurred under similar conditions in previous years. Thankfully at this point in time under the current conditions, there have been no such reports. At least on the private beaches at the Grand Solmar, and Waldorf resorts

Wave Breaker Overrun By Tide

How Long Will This Phenomenon Last?                                

Typically, shores experience two high and two low tides every lunar day (about 24 hours and 50 minutes). This means that the conditions at the Cabo beach where the Grand Solmar is located should “improve” within the coming days. However, just as they improve they could worsen in the evening as high tide typically returns during the late hours of the day.

high waves near cabo arch

This unusually high tide is considered to be part of the aftermath of hurricane Kay. Currently though, local authorities have not released an update on tide conditions, which could provide an estimate on how long these dangerous conditions are set to remain. 

Waves reaching high up on the beach

Local Wildlife Can Also Be Affected By The Tide 

It’s not just tourists who could see their plans altered by the current conditions at sea. Wildlife could also be negatively impacted by the high tide. Local wildlife conservation groups are concerned that sea turtle nests that were set up within Playa Solmar, (the Grand Solmar Resort beach), and Playa del Divorcio which borders the private beach towards the Los Cabos arch, could be swallowed up by the sea. This situation could heavily impact the sea turtle population in the region. With the current conditions though, there doesn’t seem to be much that could be done. 

Baby sea turtles

Los Cabos Is Expected To Have Its Busiest Week Of September    

Despite the fact that the region is still dealing with the effects of hurricane Kay, this week is expected to be the busiest week of the month in Los Cabos. Hotel occupancy rates that typically sit around 45% in September are set to rise to 68%. The spike in hotel occupancy is due to the Mexican Independence Day celebrations. September 16th is a national public holiday in Mexico with the day being a Friday this year it allows workers to take a 3 day weekend without having to use up vacation days.

people arriving at beach airport

Reportedly many local tourists are taking advantage of this opportunity to vacation in Los Cabos. It’s unclear whether the effects of hurricane Kay will impact the vacation plans of these tourists. As previously stated tide conditions could change in a matter of hours. For now the beachfront at the Grand Solmar resort remains underwater.