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Forecasts Predict Tropical Cyclone To Hit Los Cabos Over The Next Week

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Bad weather is seemingly set to continue to hover over Los Cabos in the next week. Currently, Mexican authorities are monitoring two potential cyclones that are forming in the Mexican Pacific shoreline, and have the potential to reach Los Cabos within 5 days. At this point there are no guarantees that current conditions further south near Mexican Pacific shores close to Acapulco will effectively produce a storm. However, according to predictions it’s highly likely that bad weather will continue to plague Los Cabos for at least the rest of the week. 

Storm Clouds lurking over Los Cabos

Experts predict that there’s an 80% chance that the current conditions that they are monitoring will turn into a storm. It’s still unclear what type of storm could develop, if a storm develops at all. It’s still possible that conditions will change, and no storm will eventually reach Cabo shores. Authorities that are following the storm have recommended that tourists who are planning on visiting the region monitor the developing weather conditions. 

hurricane trajectory map

Two Storms Could Potentially Affect Los Cabos 

Forecasts indicate that the low pressure zone that is currently located 167 miles Southeast of Acapulco, which we previously referenced, has the strongest chance to become a tropical storm or even hurricane. There’s a 20% chance that a tropical storm will form due to these conditions within the next 48 hours. If conditions remain ideal, there’s actually a higher chance that a storm will develop. Meteorologists think that there’s an 80% chance that a potential hurricane will form within the next 5 days. 

tropical storm weather

The current prediction is that the storm, which will be named Lester if it indeed develops, would hit Los Cabos by September 19. The storm would bring 56 mph winds to the region. If these predictions come to fruition it would mean that Lester would hit Los Cabos in the form of a tropical storm, and not necessarily a hurricane. A category 1 hurricane provokes at least 74 mph winds.

Palm Trees in heavy winds

However, as Los Cabos locals and tourists can attest to after the passing of tropical storm Javier, these conditions can still cause relevant damages to the region. Particularly when certain points in the region are still recovering from hurricane Kay, and tropical storm Javier. 

trash at El Medano beach after storm

Another tropical depression is currently forming much closer to Cabo shores. Experts claim that there’s less of a chance that these conditions ultimately develop into an actual tropical storm. There’s only about a 20% chance that a storm will form in this particular situation. The storm was set to make land in Todos Santos beach, north of Los Cabos, over the last 24 hours. Current updates indicate though that it has gone back out to sea, and could make land directly in Los Cabos by the 17th. 

The beautiful public beach at Todos Santos, Mexico.

Even If An Actual Tropical Storm Does Not Hit Los Cabos Rain Is Expected To Be A Constant

While there is still plenty of uncertainty with regard to a potential tropical storm or hurricane hitting Los Cabos, what is more likely is the presence of rainfall throughout the rest of the week. The head meteorologist at CONAGUA, (the organization that monitors hurricanes in Mexico), mentioned that light to heavy rainfall is expected throughout virtually all of Mexico from the 14th to 18th of the current month. 

Locals and tourists are encouraged to follow the updates on the current weather situation. Just last week with hurricane Kay, Los Cabos experienced first hand how unpredictable these storms can be. Hurricane Kay was expected to hit the Cabo bay directly from the 5th to 7th of September. Ultimately the hurricane did not make land in Los Cabos first instead doing so in the beach town of Mulege.