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Popular Tourist Site Closed In Cabo After Tourist Loses Arm

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A young woman who was visiting the popular ecotourism site Fox Canyon, located within the confines of the Sol de Mayo ecological ranch lost one of her arms. This happened when rocks from the canyon fell directly onto one side of her body. The incident prompted the full closure of the Sol de Mayo ecological ranch. The tourist site mentioned on its social media that it will remain closed indefinitely as authorities investigate the incident.  

Water Fall In Rock Formation Where Tourist Lost An Arm In Cabo

The “Cañon de la Zorra” or Fox Canyon is one of the most visited parts of the ranch. The area features multiple water falls that come down to a small ravine. Authorities speculate that due to the heavy rains that the area had seen over the last few days the terrain was not stable. This caused the rocks to come crashing down onto the unsuspecting tourist. The local delegate Óscar Humberto Manríquez shared an account of what took place saying,

“With the rain a tourist that was at the site unfortunately had some rocks roll up on her. Due to the rock slide she lost one of her extremities, I think it was her left arm. She was tended to on site, and then taken to a hospital in San Jose Del Cabo.” 

Authorities Recovered The Arm, and Proceeded To Close Off The Canyon Section Of The Ranch  

After the tourist was taken to the hospital authorities proceeded to close off the canyon portion of the ranch. On Monday they had expert divers come in to try to recover the body part. Local delegate Oscar Manriquez mentioned the body part was eventually found. Civil Protection ultimately has pulled the plug on the Sol de Mayo ecological ranch forcing the spot to remain closed until further notice. 

As previously stated the ranch shared the news about the closure on their social media. At the time of writing the facility has not made it clear how it may proceed to refund tourists who had already booked their trip to the ranch. Bookings made through Airbnb can be refunded directly by the platform. 

The Ranch Is One Of The Top Ecotourism Facilities In The Cabo Region    

The Sol de Mayo ecological ranch is located about an hour from Los Cabos international airport. To arrive to the area visitors can take the 1 highway, and will only have to deal with a couple miles of dirt road to reach the ranch. The facility is not the only ecotourism spot in the area. A hiking spot known as Baja Sierra adventures is located nearby and also features large rock collections near ravines. The Santa Rita hot springs facility is also in the vicinity. It’s the Sol de Mayo ecological ranch though, that stands out as the most developed lodging facility. 

Hiking area in Los cabos

A nightly stay at one of the 7 cabins that feature a king-size bed, and a private kitchen area typically sets tourists back around 80 to 100 dollars a night. The fee includes access to the canyon area where the aforementioned tourist unfortunately lost her arm. This unfortunate incident is seemingly the first of its kind to take place at the resort. People are also able to rent out space to camp on ranch grounds if they don’t want to stay in the cabins. The fee for campers is a much more budget friendly only 12 to 13 dollars per night. Campers have access to bathroom facilities located within ranch grounds. They can also head to the on property restaurant. 

Although heavy rains are not necessarily in the weather forecast for the next couple of days certain areas may still be prone to rock slides in the coming days. Particularly as the soil in these areas remains a bit unstable. Tourists who plan to do rock climbing or similar activities in Cabo may want to be extra careful.