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Over 30 iPhones Stolen From Cabo Spring Breakers Recovered In Hotel

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Local authorities went out looking for one iPhone, and actually found 36 devices! The situation took place in a Los Cabos hotel. At the time of writing authorities have not disclosed the name of the hotel in question. Potentially because staff may very well be involved in the theft case. According to initial reports a tourist who had their iPhone stolen went to the authorities, and with the help of the famous find my iPhone app helped them track down the location of the device.

Large Number of Confiscated Phones

As was mentioned before, the name of the hotel in question has remained classified. It is speculated though, that the devices were found at a spot that is within the Los Cabos downtown area. This spot is not believed to be the main hotel where the owners of these devices were staying at. At least initially the leading theory is that the devices were brought to this location after thieves pickpocketed tourists all over town.

Street In San Jose Del Cabo Center

When police arrived at the location they found all of the devices. All of the phones that were recovered were coincidentally iPhones. Since most of the phones seem to belong to foreign nationals, local police are going to set up special ways to make sure that they can be returned to their rightful owners quickly. The return process for stolen items recovered by the police that Mexican nationals have to go through is usually not this efficient. There may be a couple of reasons for this.

Police Truck

What You Have To Do If You Suspect Your iPhone Is In Police Custody        

The phones were reportedly taken to the personal office of a local police commander. It is believed that the entirety of the phones belong to a party of foreign nationals that are traveling together as a group. It was not specified whether the hotel where these devices were located was the same one that the group of tourists was staying at. Again that isn’t theoretically the case. Local authorities are currently in communication though, with the travel agency that brought these foreign nationals on this guided tour. To proceed to return the robbed iPhones.

Group of Tourists San Jose Del Cabo

Local police are also in contact with different hotels in the region. If you’ve had your phone stolen in the last few days it may be a good idea to check with the front desk at your hotel. To see if they were contacted by local police in relation to the missing iPhones case. The police actually uploaded a picture of the recovered phones on their social media page. The image was subsequently shared by a variety of local pages.

San Jose Del Cabo Hotels

Reporting Lost Items To Local Police 

In the wake of this incident Cabo police have taken the opportunity to remind locals and tourists that they can report any lost or stolen items to the 911 police number. The police can also be reached by the 089 number. The process of reclaiming lost or stolen items can actually be quicker for foreign nationals than locals. 

Tourist Police Station

Particularly, if there were no arrests made when recovering these items. Which at least, at this point seems to be the case with the recovered iPhones. Many times these lost items are kept in police custody to serve as evidence to be able to put alleged criminals on trial. It’s still recommended though, that you call the police if you’re ever a victim of a robbery in the Los Cabos area.

Federal Police Car in Cabo Road

In this particular case technology certainly came back to bite the robbers big time. Luckily, the foreign national who reported the robbery got help from local police. Who were ultimately the ones that followed the investigation to this downtown hotel. It seems like this one of the few robbery cases that is going to have a happy ending.