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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Celebrate Her Birthday in Cabo

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Nick Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra chose Cabo to celebrate a very special occasion with Priyanka reaching her milestone 40th birthday. It’s no wonder that the couple would choose Los Cabos for such an important occasion. The Jonas Brothers have always had a special place in their hearts for the Cabo region going back to 2009 when the first Jonas sightings in Cabo were recorded. 

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

In that particular instance Kevin Jonas, and his wife Danielle Deleassa were spotted sunbathing on their honeymoon at the famous Palmilla resort. This time around Nick and Priyanka’s getaway may have been a bit less romantic, or private at least, and that has actually allowed fans of the couple to enjoy multiple photos of their trip that Nick has shared on social media. 

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleassa

Nick Was Not Shy About Sharing Their Trip With The Fans 

A busy week that started on a boat in Lake Tahoe for the couple ended with a multiple day birthday bash on Cabo beaches. Nick can be seen holding a beer while next to Priyanka on their Lake Tahoe outing while the two are fully clothed, and even wearing jackets. They must have felt that something was not right about having to wear a jacket on a boat, and the best thing that they could do to remedy that was to head a bit further down south from the California, Nevada border. 

In Cabo the jackets came off, and Nick was able to show off that he’s been working out with a sleeveless shirt, while keeping on what is presumably his favorite summer hat this year. The couple can be seen sharing a romantic kiss on a trademark rocky Cabo beach. Priyanka has on a very fashionable yellow beach attire. She decided not to show off her beach bod which at 40 is still amazing without a doubt. 

The Cabo Adventures of Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra 

Other than the romantic beach kiss Nick also shared pictures of the rest of the couple’s trip. One of them presumably took place at one of the many high-end restaurants that Cabo has to offer. Priyanka can be seen holding up a sign that reads “Happy Birthday Priyanka, 80’s Baby”. By the way, that sign may very well be made out of chocolate. 

Nick’s surprises did not stop there though, he had custom towels made with the legend, “Priyanka! The Jule of July est 1982”. If custom towels were not enough the couple also enjoyed a beachfront firework show. Much like what we saw from soccer star Sergio Ramos, and his wife a couple of months back. In another romantic picture in Nick’s post the couple is leaning up against each other while they watch the show from the shore. Nick’s traveler planner may deserve a raise after this Cabo trip. 

Nick Jonas

Priyanka Is Not The First Lady Nick Jonas Brings To Cabo     

Although Priyanka seems to have plenty of reasons to be happy about how her Cabo trip for her 40th birthday went she may not be so happy to know that she isn’t the first girl that Nick has brought to Cabo. As we previously mentioned the love affair between the Jonas Brothers and the Cabo region goes back a long way.

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem in Cabo

Over the Labor Day weekend in 2011 Nick decided to bring then girlfriend Delta Goodrem on a Cabo trip. On that occasion the couple was spotted by paparazzi taking in the Cabo sun. Back in those days Nick was already exhibiting his taste for older women as he was just 19, and Goodrem was 27. Multiple reports indicate the couple ultimately broke it off when things between Nick, and Priyanka started heating up. It’s undeniable that the Jonas brothers and Cabo have some history…