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Why Los Cabos Is Becoming A Destination For Foodies

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Los Cabos is quickly becoming one of the top foodie destinations in the world, as visitors who come for the beautiful beaches and landscapes discover the range of excellent cuisines on offer. 

World-renowned chefs have flocked to the region in recent months, where every type of food from fresh local seafood to authentic Mexican dishes and international cuisine is available. 

Many of the chefs who have made Los Cabos their home are working on re-routing local produce from the more stereotypically tourist areas, such as Cancun, to arrive in Los Cabos allowing them to have access to and cultivate fresh ingredients. 

One of the latest innovations is the culinary program at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos, where guests can wander around the grounds to see, taste and smell the herbs, animals and fruits that go into their meals. 

Food Served in Los Cabos

They also recently launched a ‘Catch Your Own Dinner’ initiative, where hotel guests will be taken out to catch a marlin or sailfish to be cooked for their dinner. 

Rodrigo Esponda, who is the head of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, recently noted that, “Los Cabos has seen some areas transforming from empty lots to farm-to-table destinations in the past two years. Chefs are developing closer relationships with farmers, allowing them to ask for whatever produce they need”.

The rise of Los Cabos as a luxury destination with a growing number of five-star hotels has also been a contributing factor to culinary experts flocking to the area, with hotels often having their own in-house restaurants. 

Some of the most popular and renowned restaurants in Los Cabos include Manta at The Cape, by chef Enrique Olvera, and Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas, headed by Sydney Schutte. Most notably, there is also a world-famous Nobu restaurant overseen by Nobu Matsuhisa himself. 

It isn’t just high-end culinary experiences that are contributing to the area’s foodie popularity either; the region is seeing everything from Michelin star restaurants to beach shacks pop up serving excellent local food. 

For travellers, one of the most popular neigbourhoods for more affordable food is the 23400 District in San Jose del Cabo, which offers a variety of culinary options. 

One of these is so-called ‘Tasty Tuesdays’ where most restaurants offer guests two or three dish set menus for a lower price. The area also has a vast array of street food stalls and trucks, and each March holds a week-long culinary festival. 

Another popular place for local and visitors alike to sample ingredients is the Mercado Organico in San Jose del Cabo, which not only sells fresh produce but also local goods such as soaps and jewellery.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board have been keen to encourage and promote the region as a culinary hotspot, and the area already plays host to many different food and drink related events, festivals and competitions throughout the year. 

In 2022, some of the most notable will be the Cabo Cocktail Fest and the Festival Sabores de Baja, which celebrates the local ingredients and recipes of Baja California Sur. 

In the nearby town of Todos Santos, one of the region’s premier culinary events will take place called Gastrovino (or the Baja Food and Wine Festival) where local chefs cook up their best dishes and serve local wine with all proceeds going to charity. 

The popularity of Los Cabos with food enthusiasts is only rounding out the region’s reputation as an excellent holiday destination for both luxury and normal travellers, families, backpackers and the LGBT+ community. 

Tourism numbers have boomed since the beginning of 2022, with a swathe of celebrities choosing it as a holiday destination and hotel occupancy being the highest ever recorded.