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Mexico’s Most Unique Beach Is Found In La Paz

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Balandra beach, located in La Paz, is known as one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. Water is a striking mix of varying blue hues and sands are bright, light, and powdery. Surrounding the beach are unique rock formations and prickly cacti – adding contrast to the light colors that make it a sight worth seeing.

Balandra beach Los Cabos Mexico

Balandra has not always been accessible to the public, classified as a natural protected area and appearing as scenery in some films. Now, all of those wishing to take in the beauties of this beach are welcome, though only in season and during visiting hours.

Blue ocean with rock formations and people under umbrellas

Because Balandra is a protected natural area, you won’t find much construction around. There are no hotels or resorts for miles and the closets stays are on the road back toward La Paz. Two noteworthy stays in the area include the popular Hotel Catedral La Paz and Casa al Mar.

La Paz Mexico

In order to maintain the beach’s natural beauty, La Paz officials met to put fourth guidelines for visitors. They want to keep it clean and ensure that none of the delicate landscape is ruined with heavy traffic. Opening hours are in 3-hour chunks, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and then 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Clean blue waters with rock formations in the background

Access to the Balandra beach is more limited than other beaches in Los Cabos, with officials setting the limit to 90 cars and the maximum number of people allowed on the beach within opening hours to 400. They hope that reducing traffic will help to maintain the natural beauty and allow for maintenance and cleaning each day if needed.

Secluded beach with blue waters and white sands

Throughout Los Cabos, authorities have been working to maintain beaches, especially those with a large number of tourists. Due to carelessness and lack of manners, some beaches have been bombarded with leftover food and alcohol containers, leaving workers with a big job to do. Los Cabos maintains its beaches and has a reputation of keeping them very clean but that takes effort. Local cleaning crews and volunteers are the ones who help upkeep the beaches.

Beach cleanup crew

Officials hope that these restrictions will reduce the amount of traffic and keep the natural formations beautiful and clean. As a protected natural area, the goal is to keep Balandra from harm, including litter and overuse. For now, the three-hour limits stand, though that could change if authorities notice a decline in the health of the surrounding environment. For now, it’s open and welcoming visitors throughout the summer and into the end of the year.

Aerial view of beach with rock formations and blue color

La Paz is a well-known spot for travelers. Surrounded by nature, La Paz has a wealth of beaches, hiking trails, and unspoiled lands to take in. Apart from Balandra, visitors can check out Isla Espiritu Santo and Malecon Beach, two of La Paz’s most popular spots. Each year, millions of visitors make their way to La Paz, choosing it as their sole destination or passing through during their stay in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo. La Paz has a beautiful city that’s worth a visit with delicious cuisine, local shops, and historical monuments scattered throughout.