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Roundtrip Flights To Cabo From These 5 U.S. Cities Are Less Than $500 Right Now 

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Direct flights to San Jose del Cabo International Airport are available from nearly 30 different cities in the United States and roundtrip flights to Cabo from five cities in the U.S. are less than $500 right now.  The summer months are considered a slower season for Los Cabos when it comes to American tourists, with the bigger influx during this time coming from Europe.  This is likely part of the reason for the lower ticket prices for U.S. travelers, as it is considered their off-season for traveling to warm destinations like Mexico.   

As with any other time, the price will be determined by the date and how far out the tickets are booked.  That being said, the prices vary considerably from day to day but tickets from some of these cities can even be found for less than $300 roundtrip.  But the best news is that with a little bit of research these low-price fares can be found for dates well into the fall and winter seasons too. 

For the purpose of getting an idea as to the cheapest tickets available for the next month, we’ll list all five of these cities and three of the lowest fares we found from each one at this time. 

  • Austin (AUS) – $258 on 8/7, $298 on 8/19, $314 on 8/26 
  • Denver (DEN) – $264 on 8/10, $314 on 8/15, $298 on 8/20 
  • Las Vegas (LAS) – $465 on 8/3, $255 on 8/12, $435 on 9/2 
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – $199 on 8/14, $187 on 8/16, $180 on 8/21 
  • Phoenix (PHX) – $434 on 8/13, $404 on 8/18, $289 on 8/14, $424 on 8/20 

For each of these cities, the ticket prices start to go up in September and October but there are still a surprising number of options within the $500 range.  In recent months airline ticket prices have skyrocketed so finding tickets for flights from the U.S. to one of the most visited Mexican vacation destinations is a welcome surprise.  There may be fares as low or nearly as low from other cities in the United States as well, but we only listed five of the most popular origin cities for flights to Los Cabos. 

A good portion of American tourists that visit Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo come from either the western half of the country or from colder states.  For those in the west, it is a quick and generally pretty inexpensive trip, at least as far as the airfare goes. In regards to those that have to deal with frigid winter months, many of them visit Los Cabos to escape the cold.  

As stated above, there are currently just under 30 cities with airlines offering direct flights to San Jose del Cabo International Airport. Many of them offer multiple flights each week. That list includes: 

  • Los Angeles 
  • Dallas-Fort Worth 
  • Phoenix 
  • San Francisco  
  • Denver 
  • Chicago 
  • Houston 
  • Seattle 
  • Austin 
  • San Diego 
  • Atlanta 
  • Santa Ana  
  • Charlotte 
  • New York City 
  • Salt Lake City 
  • Las Vegas  
  • Newark 
  • Baltimore-Washington 
  • Chicago  
  • Cincinnati  
  • Oakland 
  • Portland 
  • Sacramento  
  • San Jose 
  • Detroit 
  • Minneapolis  

A vacation in Los Cabos Can get pretty expensive, depending on the tastes and preferences of the traveler.  Many do not mind paying for gourmet dinners, luxurious hotel rooms, and exciting experiences but nobody wants to overpay for airline tickets.  Some tourists even base their travel times on when ticket prices are the lowest so it pays to keep up with the ever-changing travel environment. 

There are currently a total of 18 airlines that have regular flights to Cabo.  Some of these airlines operate more flights than others.  The majority of the flights to San Jose del Cabo are through Southwest Airlines.