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New Los Cabos Law Will Make Destination Even Safer For Travelers

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The police in Los Cabos are getting tough on careless drivers with the announcement of an extensive new traffic fine system.

Driving here has a reputation among travelers as being best described as “a bit dicey”, with no shortage of first-hand accounts across the web from shocked visitors.

While some of that could be described as being a little exaggerated, with Los Cabos recording safer roads overall than the U.S., there are certainly some aspects to driving here that up the danger levels.

New Los Cabos Law Will Make Destination Even Safer For Travelers

The Big Change

A new fine system is being introduced that will penalize any road user who flouts traffic signs that are in place. This new penalty can sting careless drivers for up to 31,000 Mexican pesos ($1,700 USD).

This may come as a shock to travelers, especially those from the U.S. who have been collecting traffic fines since the turn of the 20th century.

In fact, the U.S. wrote its first traffic ticket in 1904, when Harry Myers of Dayton, Ohio received a speeding fine for driving at the irresponsible speed of 12 mph!

USA speed limit sign reading "10"

Why It Matters For Travelers

While the news of new traffic fines can at first appear irrelevant to travelers, it’s worth remembering that tourism and the need to keep travelers safe and comfortable is a huge driving force for changes in Los Cabos.

The destination, as mentioned before, has a rocky reputation with travelers who have taken to the roads in a rental. Mostly the criticism focuses on wildlife venturing into roadways and the problem this law tackles, the ignoring of road traffic rules.

Los Cabos is already a world-famous luxury resort destination, and for many visitors, the safety and comfort of those resorts are all they need on vacation. With that being said, this corner of Mexico is fast becoming a cultural and ecological attraction.

Beautiful View of Nature in San Jose Del Cabo at the Estuary

Towns like Todos Santos and La Paz are both seeing much higher numbers of travelers making the trip from Los Cabos, and with many of the smaller, uncrowded, and virtually untouched hidden-gem beaches near Los Cabos gaining popularity, many travelers are opting to venture out of the well-walked streets of Los Cabos.

Additionally, while the above is no doubt a positive for travelers, it’s the trend of improvement and focus on modernization that is the real win for visitors.

All aspects of law enforcement here have seen huge investment, retraining, and a change of direction that points to the destination only getting safer in the future.

Police Patrolling a Beach in Los Cabos

Don’t Miss A Road Trip

No one loves a road trip more than Americans. It’s a part of the nation’s identity, with countless films even using the pastime as its setting.

But, despite this love for road trips, many travelers to Los Cabos don’t take the opportunity to experience the beauty, serenity, and cultural wealth that is bustling in the land around Los Cabos.

Road to San Jose del Cabo with a sign also pointing toward La Paz.

For some, the hard-to-decipher rental pricing system can put them right off the idea, although there are reputable and reliable budget rental companies available.

If that’s something holding travelers back, then it’s worth pointing out that the region has a network of trip/excursion providers that are able to open the whole state of Baja California Sur for travelers to enjoy.

If anyone is inspired to take to the roads and explore outside of Los Cabos, then the following 3 towns should definitely make the route plan:

Artisan shops in todos santos

Todos Santos

This is a true hidden gem of a destination, and quickly turning into this corner of Mexico’s Tulum. For music lovers, this town is also home to the Hotel California, which claims to be the inspiration for the famous The Eagles song of the same name.

La Paz

Capital of the state of Baja California Sur, and a city that is finally winning recognition from travelers for its beautiful boardwalk, uncrowded beaches, and friendly, traditionally Mexican atmosphere.

On top of this, it was recently announced the city has seen a 50% reduction in crime. Making it one of the safest spots in all of Mexico.

La Paz cathedral


A trip to this town is no short order; it’ll take travelers almost 8 hours to reach here, although this oasis in the desert with its palm trees and stunning beaches is totally worth the trip.

Travelers seeking adventure often pair a trip here with La Paz, and make the journey over 2 days. Allowing them to really make the most of the rental.

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Monday 23rd of October 2023

Nope, nope, nope. I was just in Cabo and La Paz two weeks ago.

The "police" are still corrupt and car rental is at the Cabo airport is an exercise in trying not to get ripped off.

I was pulled over in La Paz by the local "Police", he claimed I was using my cell phone while driving, when I showed my cell phone was in fact tucked away in a backpack in the rear, it made no difference. First, I was told to pay him $250/USD, when I declined, he said I needed to follow him to the police station which I agreed. When he felt the opportunity for a shake down on road side no going his way, he came down to $100/USD, which I paid. I received no ticket, just paid.

Beware, rental cars require their own insurance, it does not matter if your covered under your domestic policy or covered under your credit card, you still need to pay. The insurance started at $100/usd then came down to $30.

I thought/heard these BS scams were in the past, I learned they're still going as of 10/2023. The impetus of this article was Cabo is safer due to the higher traffic fines, my take away is just dont drive, pass on the rental cars and use Uber. We used Uber several times are found it to be the best approach for getting around town.