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Los Cabos Among Safest Destinations In Mexico Despite New Insecurity Report

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The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) recently released its National Public Security Survey (ENSU) with data collected during the period going from August 28th to September 15th. 

According to the report, perceived safety levels in the Los Cabos area have slightly dropped during the third quarter of the year compared to the second quarter of 2023. 

Los Cabos Among Safest Destinations In Mexico Despite New Insecurity Report

Despite this, experts agree that the municipality of Los Cabos remains among the safest in Mexico. 

The Data

According to the third 2023 National Public Security Survey, more than half of the population of Mexico over 18 years of age consider their city of residency unsafe in some way. 

The cities perceived as most dangerous are Fresnillo, Ciudad Obregón, Zacatecas, Uruapan, and Naucalpan de Juárez. 

Boat sailing near Los Cabos Arch

Contrary to this, the cities with the highest percentage of perceived safety are Benito Juárez, Piedras Negras, San Pedro Garza García, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, and Puerto Vallarta. 

In the Los Cabos municipality, slightly more than one citizen out of every four report feeling unsafe. To be precise, this percentage increased from 25.2% during the second quarter of the year to 27.5% in the third quarter. 

These numbers remain very low compared to other cities, where over 9 people out of 10 reported feeling unsafe. 

Lots of boats at the marina in Los Cabos in a beautiful day.

The report also specifies the areas where citizens tend to feel more threatened. The number one place seems to be in proximity to ATMs located on public roads, followed by public transportation and banks. 

Is Los Cabos safe? 

In light of this recent data, visitors wishing to book their holidays in Los Cabos may now be wondering whether this area is safe. Thankfully, the answer is yes.

Los Cabos remains one of the safest municipalities in the country for a number of reasons. For instance, this municipality is quite separated from the rest of Mexico’s mainland. 


This means that Los Cabos tends to be quite removed from organized crime, which unfortunately controls several areas in the country. 

On top of this, local authorities are constantly trying to improve the safety levels of the municipality. Los Cabos’ economy is largely based on tourism, meaning that in case this area were to become unsafe, foreign visitors would stop choosing it for their holidays, which would result in the loss of thousands of jobs. 

This is why the Los Cabos government is regularly enforcing new laws to limit illegal activities in the municipality. 

Police on Cabo Beach

This area is now being patrolled by several forces, including the State Police, the Tourist Police, and the Municipal Police. 

In particular, the Municipal Police recently decided to increase its officers by recruiting 300 additional policemen to keep both tourists and locals alike safe. 

In another recent announcement, the Los Cabos government also decided to fire all officers without a high school diploma to further professionalize their police forces and avoid abuses of power. 

But these are only some of the many new measurements that have been carried out in the last few months. 

Sea of Cortez in Los Cabos, Mexico

To give another example, El Medano Beach, one of the most popular beaches among tourists, is now being monitored 24/7. 

Some of the organizations regularly patrolling the area include the municipal and state police, the Navy, the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), and the National Guard.

This initiative was put in place for several reasons. For instance, to limit the illegal activities of the many abusive street vendors selling their products here as well as to keep visitors safe from the ever-changing water conditions, which can at times be extremely dangerous. 

Police Officers Monitoring A Security System At A Station

One of the latest initiatives put in place to protect tourists’ safety is a system of control and regulations to fight pirate taxis operating in Los Cabos.

Unfortunately, mobility is tourists’ number one concern at the moment due to limited public transportation options and massive congestion often taking place during peak hours. 

With this new measure, the government is hoping to finally put an end to the many illegal transportation services operating in the Los Cabos municipality and protect tourists from possible scams.

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