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Los Cabos Among Most Popular Destinations For Americans Right Now

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Fall tends to be a slower season for travel, but that changes around the holidays. Cabo is a top destination all year long, so it’s no surprise travelers continue flocking here.

In fact, it’s been reported by Allianz Partners that Los Cabos is one of the most popular destinations in the world this November.

tourists on a beach in cabo

The timing could be better, as many of the beaches are potentially hazardous this month.

With the passing of recent storms, fingers crossed November brings brighter days ahead in store.

It’s always disappointing when Mother Nature has other plans for your vacation, but the good news is Los Cabos is popular in November year after year.

This wouldn’t be the case if travelers had bad experiences. So let’s take a look at what to expect on your Los Cabos vacation next month.

Prepare For Travel Frustrations

frustrated traveler

If possible, you may want to head to Los Cabos before Thanksgiving since we have yet to figure out as a civilization how to handle an influx of travel crowds.

Every year, it’s well-known travelers are going to invade airports, yet there is always chaos. Since Los Cabos is one of the most popular destinations for a Thanksgiving getaway, you may want to try to get here earlier than the expected hoards of fellow travelers.

Even if you purchase a travel insurance policy, it is still a frustrating time of year. Sometimes TSA Pre-Check lines can be just as long as standard TSA lines too, so there is no way around it unless you get lucky.

view of los cabos from air

Travel insurance will offer you protection against unfortunate delays, but you will still be shuffled around trying to find a reliable flight to paradise.

“No matter where you’re headed this Thanksgiving, it’s important to keep in mind that this travel period is historically one of the busiest of the entire year for U.S. airports…”

– Director of External Communications at Allianz Partners USA, Daniel Durazo.

Mr. Durazo continued,”…and with increased numbers of travelers comes an increased possibility of travel delays. One of the best ways to successfully navigate significant delays this season is by purchasing a travel insurance policy with travel delay coverage, which can help with a range of unpredicted costs from lost baggage to reimbursement for meals, accommodations, and transportation incurred while delayed.”

San Jose del Cabo Is Trending

tourists at artisan shop in san jose del cabo

Many travelers have already booked their flights this fall to have their dream vacation in Los Cabos. But it is San Jose del Cabo that is soaring in popularity.

It’s quite easy to see why this region of Los Cabos is magical. So much so that some believe it should become one of Mexico’s next official pueblo magicos as it checks off all the boxes.

Regardless of its status, the resorts here are phenomenal, which usually tops the list of demands for Cabo tourists.

festive street in san jose del cabo

Allianzs reports this is where Cabo travelers are heading this November more so than so many other top destinations in Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas.

Where Los Cabos Ranks Internationally In November

To no surprise, our southern neighbors are a hotspot for holiday getaways. But where are people going?

Cabo is in the top 3 Mexican destinations next month, specifically San Jose del Cabo. While there are some awesome destinations for late fall vacations, Mexico is clearly one of the best.

los cabos beach

San Jose del Cabo finished 2nd sandwiched between Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, two other premier beach destinations.

The Caribbean is a hotspot as well, with amazing sunny getaways such as Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic rounding out the top 7 international destinations this time of year.

San Jose del Cabo has finished 2nd place for 4 straight years now, beating out Puerto Vallarta all 4 years.

It really depends on what type of vibe you’re looking for and what your flight options are at the time. You really can’t go wrong making Mexico your go-to fall getaway.

coconut drinks in cabo

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