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Nearly All Los Cabos Tourists Report Being Satisfied With Their Visit

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If the tourist satisfaction rating for Los Cabos was a spring semester grade, it would be comfortably in the A category.

However, Los Cabos officials are not satisfied with the results and are still looking for ways to improve the visitor experience in the town even more.

High Levels of Satisfaction

View of Medano Beach

Los Cabos tourists are quite pleased with a vacation getaway to the beach resort destination. That’s according to the annual report of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust.

They report that 95 percent of all visitors to Los Cabos are satisfied with their vacation in the area.

“We are the third airport that receives the most national and international traffic [in Mexico],” said the Secretary of Tourism and Economy in Baja California Sur Maribel Collins in a news report. “We have good results which rates Los Cabos with 95 percent satisfaction among those that visit us.”

Sunset view on yachts in marina of Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Some Surveys Say Otherwise

While the satisfaction levels reported by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust appear impressive, they are in conflict with other recent tourist surveys about the beach resort destination.

A recent exit survey of tourists visiting Los Cabos indicated that travelers are generally concerned and unhappy about the level of cleanliness on their vacation getaway.

Trash on the street

In fact, Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro recently announced that he was increasing the number of municipal workers assigned to cleanliness in the area. He also announced that he intended to increase the fines for businesses that don’t maintain a clean city.

He is also focused on engaging the community to make sure that the city remains clean for travelers and provides a better guest experience for travelers on their vacation getaway.

Los Cabos Not Alone

Overflowing trash can on beach

Los Cabos is not the only town in the area that is struggling with cleanliness, which impacts tourists.

Nearby La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, has been challenged with the amount of waste being discarded on local beaches that local officials went as far as to remove all trash cans from the coastal areas.

The concept is to have visitors and tourists at the beaches in La Paz take their trash back to their homes or hotels for proper disposal.

Beach Full Of Trash And Weeds

The results so far have been mixed with several travelers, including Cabo Sun readers, questioning whether the strategy will work to reduce the amount of waste on the beaches of La Paz.

What Travelers Need to Know

Keeping Los Cabos and surrounding tourist areas clean is a responsibility of everyone enjoying a vacation getaway to the beach resort destination. Everyone truly needs to play their part.

Los Cabos is home to the most Blue Flag rated beaches in North America. A major factor in retaining that very important certification with international tourists is the cleanliness of the beach.

blue flag on beach

That means packing out what tourists have packed in for the day spent in the sun, sand and surf of Los Cabos, and definitely in La Paz with the lack of available trash cans.

Two of the major travel trends among visitors to Los Cabos are sustainability and nature. Those also lead to the need to make sure that the beaches are kept free of trash to help the beaches remain sustainable and the nature living there remain safe.

In fact, hermit crabs were well known for the curious behavior of living in seashells and carrying them around on their back. It is sad that bottle caps have now replaced many of the shells that hermit crabs call home due to the amount of trash discarded on beaches.

The good news is that the Los Cabos Tourism Trust results show that the visitor perception of Los Cabos is constantly improving.

Although, it appears that more work is still needed.

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Saturday 17th of February 2024

Love the city of San jose del cabo but you have to do something with the garbage on the streets. When you have the streets all cleaned up just once a week do a clean up. Also have walked by garbage pails over flowing for days.