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Los Cabos Has The Most Blue Flag Beaches In North America

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It’s the gold standard when it comes to the quality of beaches around the world.

The blue flag designation is rare, and it means that the beach is safe for tourists meeting the highest level of environmental, educational, accessibility, and safety standards.

blue flag on a beach

Los Cabos has 25 beaches certified to this standard, the most in the entire continent of North America.

The Blue Flag

Unlike most of the other color flags posted on beaches across Los Cabos, the blue flag is one to celebrate. It is the recognition of the highest quality standard for beaches, meeting 33 different standards contributing to tourist safety.

Some of the very complex standards include accessibility for the disabled, cleanliness of the water, lifeguard certification, safety and security, and contingency plans in the event of an emergency.

According to the report, multiple segments of the popular tourist beach El Médano meet this strict standard, as well as Chileno, Palmilla, Las Viudas, La Ribera, and La Gaviota beaches, among others.

El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

Upholding The Standard

It’s been tough during this peak spring holiday season for Los Cabos to uphold the standards required for blue flag designation.

However, the entire municipality has committed to retaining this important honor for tourism.

They recently increased the number of trash cans available for use around the tourist beach areas, especially El Médano Beach. The trash cans not only support the removal of waste, but they also encourage sustainability of the beach environment through recycling.

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Overflowing trash can on beach

Earlier in the season, Los Cabos officials gently recommended tourists and locals avoid bonfires on the beach. This was not only due to the hazards of nails and hot coals in the sand but also to keep the area clean for blue flag designation.

Recently this gentle request on bonfires has shifted in policy to an all-out ban on the popular spring season activity.

There also have been education efforts around water safety, the meaning of the flag colors, and other important initiatives to keep tourists safe on Los Cabos beaches.

Lifeguards on the beach

The Focus Remains

In order for Los Cabos to remain a premier beach resort destination, the focus must stay on keeping the beaches clean and safe for visiting tourists.

It is part of the three pillars that the Los Cabos Tourism Trust has identified as being critical to the future success of the tourism industry in Los Cabos.

Cabo Pulmo in Los Cabos

According to Los Cabos Tourism Trust General Director Rodrigo Esponda Cascajare, the three pillars of focus for the industry in Los Cabos are wellness, sustainability, and nature.

Without the blue flag designation for beaches in Los Cabos, the region would be missing hitting those three core standards.

The new tourism shift towards attracting most customers from the luxury segment also requires a higher level of cleanliness and sustainability to meet the demands of that preferred customer segment.

High end resort in Los Cabos

What The Future Holds

For tourists visiting Los Cabos, the awarding of the blue flag designation and the municipality’s commitment to retaining it ensures that visitors will continue to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world when visiting the resort community.

Tourists can feel secure that the blue flag designation of 25 beaches across Los Cabos means that they can feel safe and secure that environmental and security standards are in place on the beaches to ensure their enjoyment.

Playas Limpias sign in beach

However, it is important that we all do our part to make sure that the beaches in Los Cabos retain this important honor.

Tourists should be sure to pick up any trash and dispose of any trash in nearby trash cans. Follow instructions of the lifeguards and colored flags related to safety.

Also, respect the rules around the ban on bonfires to keep the beaches around Los Cabos clear for everyone to enjoy.

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