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3 Ways Los Cabos Is Improving Road Safety For Tourists

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Los Cabos officials work hard to ensure the safety and security of all travelers to the beach resort destination as soon as they hit the road after leaving the airport.

However, a rash of more than 100 accidents on the local roadways in January has officials concerned.

Because of this, a slate of new security measures is being put into place to better keep tourists protected on their vacation getaway.

highway in cabo

Replacing Road Signs

Los Cabos officials recently completed an audit of the local roadways and highways, looking for potential safety risks that travelers could face on their beach resort vacation.

What they found was about 2,500 traffic signs were missing on the roads and highways. Several of these could potentially put visitors to the region at risk during the spring holiday travel season.

“We have a deficit of around 2,500 to 2,800 signs for the entire municipality, including the municipal delegations, not just the cities. The project was presented, so we are waiting for the budget so that the purchase can be made. Signage is what helps us avoid accidents,” said Director of Transit and Roads of Los Cabos, José David Pérez Torres, in a media interview on the topic.

Road in Los Cabos with 'turn right' signs

National Guard Patrols

Speeding is a major contributor to accidents involving tourists in Los Cabos. This is especially true at the roundabouts and the highways in the area.

Because of this, Los Cabos municipal law enforcement has requested assistance from other levels of government to provide protection to keep travelers safe on the roads.

National Guard members on truck

Not only have additional resources been dispatched by the State of Baja California Sur to assist with law enforcement, but the Mexican National Guard has been called out to help.

The Mexican National Guard primarily is assisting with patrols on federal roadways, including the Transpeninsular Highway, or Mexican Highway 1, in Los Cabos.

They are also helping with vehicle flow and accident resolution issues at the very busy Fonatur Roundabout in Los Cabos.

Early morning rush hour traffic in an intersection

Pothole Filling

Another major contributor to traffic safety issues in Los Cabos is the multitude of potholes that even get complaints from Cabo Sun readers.

The municipality has tried to keep up with the never-ending project. However, they admit they don’t have the time and money, nor the staff, to constantly keep up with the issue in the town.

Potholes on the road

However, vehicles swerving to avoid potholes or having issues after getting caught in one are causing an increasing amount of dangerous accidents in the beach resort destination.

A recent repaving project worked to smooth the roads and fill the potholes in Los Cabos. However, just as quickly as they are done, more potholes and road issues reappear.

What Travelers Need to Know

Cars in queue due to traffic

Tourists to Los Cabos are frustrated by the infrastructure issues, such as poorly maintained roadways, in the beach resort destination. However, local officials are just as annoyed.

They have made the traveler roadway safety project a priority in the area, but staff and money limitations hold back making the improvements needed to repair the roadways and highways.

They will continue to prioritize visitor safety projects and seek to receive state and federal dollars to resolve the issues.

Two cars in an accident

Unfortunately, travelers will have to work around the challenges in the meantime.

However, if a tourist is riding with a taxi or rideshare driver who appears to be driving unsafely, it is a good idea to take down the identifying factors of the driver and report the issue after the ride to the hotel front desk, rideshare company or even local law enforcement.

This small proactive action will hopefully start to make the challenging roadways a little safer for all travelers and locals in the beach resort destination of Los Cabos in the future.

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