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Los Cabos Hires New Staff To Address Tourists’ Top Concern With The Area

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According to a recent exit survey, Los Cabos tourists seem to be dissatisfied with the municipality’s cleanliness levels. 

This is why the local government has decided to implement new measures to address this issue. But what do these new initiatives consist of? 

Looking south over the Sea of Cortez from Los Cabos, San Jose Mexico to the tip of Baja.

More personnel and higher fines

Los Cabos’ Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro declared that more people will soon be temporarily employed to carry out cleaning procedures in some of the most tourist areas in the municipality. 

He stated: “We are already working. In fact, next week, another temporary employment will begin on behalf of the public service to be able to deal with these types of situations.”

Male cleaning crew in Mexico

According to him, a total of 40 people will be hired to keep the Los Cabos municipality clean. But this is not all. 

On top of this, the local government decided to give higher fines to businesses that do not comply with Los Cabos’ cleaning standards. 

“We are going to change the image [of the municipality. With a particular focus] in the central area and in the main streets,” said Oscar Leggs Castro. 

The importance of citizens’ participation

Aerial Photo of San José del Cabo, Palmilla area

The Los Cabos Mayor later specified that it is important that each citizen also contribute to this initiative by avoiding leaving trash on the street and generally disposing of garbage in the correct way. 

“If we do not have the support of the citizens, it will be very difficult to keep the city clean. We must change the culture [concerning this issue],” said Oscar Leggs Castro.

He also added that everyone should be responsible for keeping the stretch of street located in front of their house and business clean. “It’s important that we all participate [in this initiative],” said the Mayor. 

Aerial view of lands end los Cabos

“All the neighbors have to participate [for us] to be able to move forward,” concluded Oscar Leggs Castro. 

Los Cabo’s cleanliness problem

The problem with Los Cabo’s cleanliness levels was highlighted recently when data collected through an exit survey showed how this was tourists’ main concern. 

Talking about this issue, Mauricio Salicrup, the President of the Board of Directors of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, said: “The issue of cleanliness is already a problem.”

Sandy beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

He later added: “Both national and international [travelers] are leaving comments that the city is very dirty. That is a reality; it is in the survey. We have to work with it.”

Hopefully, these new initiatives will improve the current situation so that tourists heading to Los Cabos soon will get a better experience in this breathtaking municipality. 

But cleanliness levels are not the only concern among tourists. Another common complaint is Los Cabos’ poor road conditions.

Deteriorated road in Mexico

Unfortunately, potholes and traffic are extremely frequent here. In 2023, the local government implemented several new measures to try to deal with both.

For instance, they carry out maintenance work, especially on the famous Transpeninsular Highway connecting the two major cities in the municipality. However, these only had a limited impact as, according to local news, 2023 saw a drastic increase in the number of car crashes in Los Cabos.

More recently, local authorities decided to increase the number of troops on the famous Tourists Corridor, as this stretch of land is unfortunately known for the high number of accidents occurring here on a daily basis. 

People driving on this road often tend to ignore speed limits, leading to frequent car crashes. The decision to increase patrol in the area will hopefully lead to more people driving carefully and respecting the speed limits.

One of Mexico’s most popular destination 

The Famous Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Despite these complaints from tourists, however, it’s important to remember that Los Cabos remains one of the most visited areas in Mexico, with the local airport being the third in the country for the number of international arrivals. 

While more cleaning procedures need to be implemented in some areas of the municipality, the most popular beaches in the area, where tourists spend most of their time, are often spotlessly clean. 

Not by chance, Los Cabos has the highest number of blue-flag-certified beaches in North America, with a total of 25! 

blue flag beach

So, even though the local government needs to address these important issues, visitors heading here soon should relax knowing that they will probably enjoy one of the most luxurious holidays of their lives. 

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LOUIS Salatich

Monday 12th of February 2024

For crying out loud people you are in Mexico. If you want everything perfect stay home. Idiot Americans trying to change a foreign country to be like it is in the US are idiots.