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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Watch Out For This Illegal Practice At Restaurants

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It’s one of the biggest questions tourists have when traveling internationally – to tip or not to tip?

I have even been in situations when traveling around the world where the restaurant servers have reminded me, rather bluntly, that tipping is not included in the bill – thank you, Argentina.

Some visitors to Los Cabos have even mentioned that they are told that tipping is not an option but is mandatory when being served in a restaurant or bar in the popular beach resort destination.

restaurant with gorgeous views of los cabos

So, what’s the real deal about tipping and how should travelers handle the issue when enjoying the sun, sand and surf of Los Cabos while on a vacation getaway?

The Official Word on Tipping

According to a report taking a look at the issue and traveler concerns in Los Cabos, the official word from the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office is requiring a tip for restaurant service is indeed illegal.

people raising glasses in mexican restaurant

They have clarified the rule for Los Cabos visitors, stating tips are a voluntary gratuity and cannot be included in the final bill without the consumer’s consent.

Restaurants also can’t specify a specific, or minimum, amount of a tip.

Therefore, travelers to Los Cabos are urged to review their final bill to make sure that a tip is not automatically included.

Los Cabos outdoor restaurant seating

What Amount to Tip

Depending on the country, tipping is generally handled differently depending on the local culture.

For example, in many places around the world, including in Europe, it is customary to “leave the coins” as a tip in a restaurant or bar. In other words, round up to the next Euro, etc.

Los Cabos Empty outdoor seating at a restaurant with ocean and mountains in the background

Travelers obviously can leave more if they like. I have really liked the waitstaff when traveling abroad and often was happy to leave more than the coins for good and personal service.

Others say in Los Cabos, it is customary to tip ten to twenty percent of the total bill, before any discounts or vouchers. But, again, that is up to the decision of the customer and no tip is definitely an option for poor service.

Issues Tipping With Credit Cards

Cliff dining in Los Cabos with a view

Another issue with tipping during international travel is there are typically not any lines for a tip on a final bill and when paying with a credit card, generally the waiter will only put in the amount of the check.

Often you can catch them ahead of putting the amount in the machine and give them a different amount to run for the card which includes the tip.

However, the best way to handle tips when traveling abroad is simply to have some coins or small bills in cash for tips. Your server would be much more happy getting their tip in cash.

The Oyster Bar in Los Cabos

Also, who wants to head home with a bunch of coins in their pocket?

However, I want to warn you about a first hand issue with coins I have dealt with myself. Remember, many of the public restrooms when travelling abroad will require payment, often with coins.

So, unless it is your last day in Los Cabos, you may want to keep a couple of extra coins on hand for this purpose.

Fine dining restaurant in Los Cabos

The Final Word on Tipping

There you have it. The final word on tipping. It is definitely not required, but other than that, it is up to you as the traveler enjoying their vacation getaway in Los Cabos.

Remember, the servers in Los Cabos are required to be paid a fair local wage for their service in a restaurant.

However, it is still good practice to reward great service and your generosity is greatly appreciated by the hard working restaurant workers.

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Wednesday 26th of June 2024

Cabo is such a ripoff. Over development in a geographically confined area had destroyed any ambience it use to have. Everything is overpriced to the extreme