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Resort Or Airbnb? What Los Cabos Tourists Are Choosing May Surprise You

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When it comes to vacation rental properties such as Airbnbs, the Los Cabos region is hands down one of the most popular places in Mexico for these getaway accommodations.

That’s according to the Undersecretary of Civil Protection, Héctor Amparano Herrera.

While these guests don’t get counted in the official number of resort and hotel guests reported by the State of Baja California Sur, they are reported monthly and the total number of guests choosing this option will astound you.

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A Popular Vacation Stay Option

The amount of travelers selecting vacation rentals in Los Cabos was surprising.

According to the Baja California Sur Undersecretary of Civil Protection Héctor Amparano Herrera, 600,000 tourists a year, or 50,000 a month, are opting for vacation rental properties for their vacation getaway in the sun, sand and surf of the Los Cabos region.

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“So when we see lower hotel occupancy it does not mean that there is not as much tourism,” he said. “There is, it is just that it is being registered in other parts [such as vacation rentals}.”

More Than 5X Turnover

Undersecretary Amparano Herrera estimated that there are 8,000 to 9,000 vacation rental properties located in Baja California Sur, which includes Los Cabos.

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“Baja California Sur is one of the main destinations for these digital platforms, along with Jalisco, Mexico City, Quintana Roo,” he said. “We are one of the states that are most attractive for this type of accommodation.”

It is unclear whether the 50,000 people include multiple people in one unit or 50,000 households staying in units.

If it is 50,000 households per month, that would put the average stay at over five days per month and an average turnover of each vacation rental of more than five times per month.

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That math seems to make sense looking at the average length of a vacation stay at between five and six days.

More Tourist Protection Needed

Because of the number of travelers selecting vacation rentals, Undersecretary Amparano Herrera said they should be regulated just like a resort or hotel in Los Cabos that serves 50,000 guests in a month.

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That means tourists who choose to stay in a vacation rental property, such as an Airbnb, should have the same safety and security protections that are required from the Los Cabos resort and hotel industry.

While vacation rental owners have opposed more regulation and licensing requirements, Undersecretary Amparano Herrera said there has been some cooperation and understanding at both the local and national levels to provide more safety and security for travelers.

“It is necessary to find a way to regulation, especially that guarantees the safety of clients,” he added.

Airbnbs in Los Cabos

What Visitors Need to Know

It appears that vacation rental companies, property owners and government officials are moving forward to make sure you are just as safe and secure staying in a vacation rental in Los Cabos as if you were in a major chain resort or hotel.

Visitors need to know that they are not put in harm’s way when choosing to stay in a local home instead of a large resort.

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However, ensuring your safety and security in a vacation rental will come at a price. One that you will ultimately have to pay as a customer.

It could come with higher nightly stay charges or additional fees for a stay.

As it is, resorts and hotels in Los Cabos have long complained that the vacation rentals unfairly undercut their nightly rates including safety, security and regulatory costs.

It could also come as less amenities and services available at vacation rental properties.

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