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Why 70% Of Los Cabos Travelers Are Booking Their Vacations Without A Second Thought

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Is Los Cabos your first choice of a vacation getaway destination? For a majority of travelers to the beach resort town, the answer is resoundingly yes.

That’s according to the most recent research from the Los Cabos Tourism Trust.

In fact, 70 percent of travelers are making a trip to enjoy the sun, sand and surf in Los Cabos without considering any other location.

According to Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares with the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, there are a number of different reasons why Los Cabos is the preferred destination in Mexico among travelers.

vacation rentals on los cabos beach

Unique Experiences

In a report on the survey, he mentions first the unique experiences found in Los Cabos that are unique to the country or the world.

For example, this has been an attractive point with Millennials choosing Los Cabos for their vacation destination of choice.

Esponda Cascajares explains that Millennial travelers seek to collect experiences from around the world as opposed to enjoying physical elements of value.

Tourists Walking Around the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Some Experiences to Enjoy

The good news is there are plenty of experiences available in Los Cabos for travelers of every generation to enjoy.

Last year, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust determined that sustainability, wellness and nature were three things travelers were seeking from a vacation getaway.

They have since repositioned Los Cabos from a spring break travel destination to one meeting those three experiential needs.


Inside of a Luxury Glamping Tent

One recent one that is emerging in Los Cabos is the concept of glamping out in the wild. What is glamping? It’s essentially camping in the outdoors, with upscale services and amenities.

While travelers may be sleeping in a tent, it is a large tent with a bathroom, bed, internet access, fine dining experiences and high end bedding included. That’s a much different experience than a weekend in Yosemite.

It definitely connects to sustainability and nature.

Luxury Dining

A hotel chef decorating food

Esponda Cascajares also mentioned in a report on the survey that tourists to Los Cabos have also been visiting for luxury dining experiences.

This has become a blend of repositioning the beach resort destination of Los Cabos as a more luxurious vacation getaway and a new interest in gastronomy travel.

In fact, just recently, some local restaurants have been awarded the first Michelin Stars granted in Los Cabos.

This trend is also emerging in Los Cabos. However, it definitely in one targeted experiential travelers of all generations.


Experiences With Nature

One that is not new is the experiences with nature that are unique to towns such as Los Cabos.

Whale watching is available in many places around the world. However, one unique adventure that is very popular near Los Cabos is swimming with whale sharks.

Also, Los Cabos has some very unique beaches nearby, such as Balandra Beach, where travelers can snorkel with white tip reef sharks and other sea animals in what is considered by many one of the best beaches in the world.

Divers swimming with a whale shark

What Travelers Need to Know

With special unique travel experiences available in and near Los Cabos, it’s not a surprise that 70 percent of all travelers to the area don’t need to consider any other location in the world as their first choice of a vacation getaway travel destination.

The popularity of Los Cabos is only expected to grow as travelers seek out unique destination locations that can’t be found anywhere else.

The challenge is going to be creating new experiences for Los Cabos travelers of all generations to repeat their vacation destination visits for many more years to come.

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