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Los Cabos Tourists Should Avoid This Main Road Due To The Deteriorating Conditions

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One of the main access roads to the popular historic center of San Jose del Cabo is in such bad conditions and in need of repair that tourists are actually being encouraged to avoid the convenient route altogether.

 Sewage and Potholes

Tourists traveling on Antonio Mijares Boulevard in San Jose del Cabo are all too familiar with the dire infrastructure needs on the popular roadway.

San Jose del Cabo Centro, Mexico: Retail facades on Blvd. Antonio Mijares near central plaza under blue sky.

Not only are the numerous deep tire rutting potholes an issue. Tourists also have to hold their noses as they pass by the flowing raw sewage on the street.

It’s even worse for the visitors to San Jose del Cabo who happen to be walking down the street heading towards the historic center of the beach resort destination.

Officials Survey the Site

Street Vendor in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Recently, Los Cabos officials were seen surveying the boulevard after a number of complaints about the condition of the roadway and surrounding area were filed by both locals and tourists to the area.

Because the road is a key thoroughfare close to the popular tourist zone of the area, it not only became a concern to the locals, but also to the all-important peak winter holiday travelers enjoying their vacation getaway to San Jose del Cabo.

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust was also concerned about the perception by travelers which helped to raise the concern with local officials.

Colorful street in San Jose del Cabo Centro

Los Cabos officials noted numerous hazards that could cause road accidents and health issues for those using the popular tourist zone connecting road.

Avoiding The Road

The severe potholes on the road have also caused challenges for the shuttle, rideshare and taxi drivers that all rely on the roadway to transport visiting travelers to and from the tourist zone of San Jose del Cabo.

Potholes on road

However, even at moderate speeds, the potholes not only cause inconvenience and discomfort for tourists, but also cause significant damage to the vehicles. Most of the damage is related to expensive costs for wheel alignments along with tires, shocks, and struts.

Because of this, many shuttle, rideshare and taxi drivers has taken action to avoid the roadway which is adding time and additional fares for travelers to San Jose del Cabo to get to their vacation getaway resorts in the tourist zone.

It has also led to a number of complaints from travelers that they are being overcharged by taxi drivers for longhauling them around the tourist zone.

Taxi in Los Cabos

What Visitors Need to Know

Los Cabos officials are aware of the negative perception the road creates for travelers to Los Cabos and are currently exploring ways to resolve the situation as soon as possible. They also understand the inconvenience it creates for local transportation drivers.

Unfortunately, much of the infrastructure in Los Cabos has not been able to keep up with the needs of locals, let alone travelers to the area. Roads are a very visible breakdown in infrastructure that affects travelers to the area. However, it is not the only need.

San Jose del Cabo Centro

Many of the public works plans for Los Cabos in 2024 are focused on upgrading much of the infrastructure needs of the residents in the area as well as the tourists.

With the popularity of Los Cabos increasing, more tourism tax funds are hopefully available to enable more of these improvements that will directly impact travelers and the tourist resort zone.

More of these infrastructure projects are currently undergoing fiscal review for the new year and announcements should be made soon as to which projects will be considered a priority for Los Cabos municipal officials.

Road work plans for Antonio Mijares Boulevard in San Jose del Cabo are expected to be announced as part of the priority-funded projects.

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