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Los Cabos To Improve Tourists’ Safety On Streets With This Announcement

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The Los Cabos government has recently resumed its Permanent Pothole Program (Programa Permanente de Bacheo), whose aim is to improve the conditions of the city’s roads. 

Thanks to this program, huge potholes present in several areas in Los Cabos will finally be filled up with concrete, restoring their original streets, but this is not all.

Workers employed in the project will also fix deteriorating streets, clean sidewalks, paint curbs, and reestablish public lighting. All of these measures will improve tourists’ safety and perception of Los Cabos as a premier luxury destination.

Los Cabos To Improve Tourists’ Safety On Streets With This Announcement copy

While it is all well and good to have some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, if you have to reach them by dodging potholes on deteriorating streets, it can take away from the allure.

The municipal delegate Raymundo Zamora Ceseña asked citizens and tourists to be patient while the work is carried out, stating:

“We asked the population to please be patient with us. These are works that today may cause momentary inconvenience, however, the benefits will be permanent.”

What is happening and where 

Works will be carried out in the busiest streets in Los Cabos as well as in the city center. Approximately 12 cubic meters of hydraulic concrete will be used to cover six huge potholes. 

Road in Los Cabos with 'turn right' signs

Five of these are located along Morelos Street, while the sixth is on Prolongación Leona Vicario Avenue, near the Lagunitas neighborhood.

The Public works coordinator announced that following this first phase, the team will move to Venustiano Carranza Street, to fill up another pothole located between Hidalgo and Abasolo.

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 When will the work be completed?

Delegate Raymundo Zamora Ceseña stated that the Public Work Coordinator team is hurrying up in order to finish everything by the beginning of next week.

It is still unclear whether the works will end on Monday or Tuesday as this largely depends on the upcoming weather conditions. Heavy rain can, in fact, slow down the operations, causing delays. 

This may be problematic as Independence Day, one of the most important celebrations in Mexico, is now approaching. 

Panoramic view of Cabo San Lucas with houses and hills in the background, Mexico

Taking place on the 16th of September, this important day in the history of the country is remembered with a parade which, in the case of Los Cabos, is set to start on Morelos Street, one of the roads in need of urgent work. 

Apart from the upcoming celebrations, the Los Cabos government is also urging its Public Work Coordinator team to quickly improve the conditions of the city’s streets following the publication of a report showing tourist dissatisfaction with public roads. 

Are tourists unhappy with Los Cabos road conditions? 

According to a recent report published by the Tourism Trust (FITURCA), tourists traveling to Los Cabos seem to be unhappy with the poor road conditions. 

In particular, it seems that the many potholes found on the streets may be a cause of concern among foreigners. But this is not the only problem. 

Daytime street scene of San José del Cabo’s historic city center.

Frequent traffic light outages have often delayed travelers on their way to the airport. 

According to locals, traffic signals on Boulevard Forjadores have shown signs of decline for the last nine years. 

The issue was particularly problematic for the Los Cabos government as, due to the lack of replacement parts, the whole system had to be replaced rather than simply fixed. 

Authorities blame the frequent hurricanes, with the last one being Hurricane Hilary, for the bad conditions of the lighting system in Los Cabos. 

street filled with traffic in Mexico

However, it seems clear that poor maintenance should also be blamed.  

According to the report, apart from the poor road conditions and the malfunctioning traffic lights, tourists seem to also be concerned about the lack of proper public transportation options.

As of today, Los Cabos only has one cheap bus service, Suburcabos, running from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. However, it is quickly becoming clear that this is not enough to serve all tourists. 

Street In San Jose Del Cabo Center

Visitors also seem to have doubts regarding the service in itself, which only has two stars out of five on Google Reviews. 

Taxis might be a good alternative if it wasn’t for the incredibly high fares that are not always accessible to all tourists. 

Last but not least, tourists complain about the traffic and frequent congestion, which often cause delays.  

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