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Britney Spears Spotted Vacationing In Los Cabos 

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Los Cabos is a popular vacation destination for many celebrities, but for Britney Spears, it seems to be the all-time go-to.   

The well-known American singer and performer has already vacationed in Los Cabos three times this year.   

And now Britney Spears was spotted vacationing in Los Cabos again, only weeks after an apparent split with husband Sam Asghari.   

Britney Spears Posing for the Camera in a Sequined Dress

Britney’s Love For Los Cabos 

Britney Spears is no stranger to Los Cabos, and in fact, this is her fourth visit this year.   

The popular pop star visited the sunny vacation destination in April with her talent agent, Cade Hudson, then again in June with her husband, Sam Asghari, and in July, again with her husband, just a few short weeks before he filed for divorce.   

On this current visit, the singer is seen vacationing with a male and a female friend, but it’s unclear who the friends are.   

The Current Cabo Vacation 

On past vacations, Britney has done more than just relax, taking time on each occasion to enjoy some of the most loved Los Cabos activities, and this visit is no different.   

In videos and pictures, she can be seen riding a horse through the desert, even going topless at one point.   

She also shared a video of herself getting a snake tattoo on her lower back, was seen waiting to be seated in a restaurant, and shared videos of herself dancing around a room, flooding Instagram with images of her Los Cabos vacation.   

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Britney’s Newfound Freedom 

The increase in sunny vacations in Los Cabos for Spears likely has a lot to do with the star’s newfound freedom.   

For years, the “princess of pop” was under the control of her father due to a conservatorship, which lasted from 2008 through November 2021.   

Since the ruling of a judge to remove the conservatorship, Spears has not been shy about moving on with her life and enjoying her freedom.   

The Absence Of Britney’s Husband 

On this trip to Los Cabos, one thing you’ll notice is the absence of Britney’s husband.   

This is because, as mentioned earlier, the couple has split after only just over a year of marriage.   

It was right after their July visit to Los Cabos that the couple separated, and only two weeks after the separation, Sam Asghari filed for divorce.   

Up Close Image of Britney Spears

A Marriage In Trouble From The Start 

Rumors have been surfacing since shortly after the wedding that there was trouble in paradise.   

TMZ even produced a documentary about troubles in the couple’s marriage well before they announced their split.   

Now fans know there might have been some truth to those early rumors because it didn’t take long for the marriage to come crashing down.  

Britney Spears and Husband Sam Asghari

Britney Spears In Other News 

Britney Spears’ marriage isn’t the only recent controversy in her life.   

During a visit to a Las Vegas restaurant located inside the Aria Hotel & Casino in July, the 5’4” superstar was involved in an altercation in which she reportedly tried to get the attention of pro basketball player Victor Wembanyama.   

She was allegedly backhanded by Wembanyama’s security guard, though the slap was reportedly an accident according to the security guard.   

Britney Spears in a Red Dress

The Future For Britney Spears 

Britney Spears’ life has changed a lot over the last two years. She’s gained freedom, gotten married, tried to have a baby, and now is getting divorced.   

That’s a lot for one person, so it’s not surprising that during all that she’s needed multiple breaks to get away from it all.   

And it’s no surprise that time after time, she chooses Los Cabos as her escape.

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