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Traffic Light Outages Delaying Los Cabos Tourists

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This year, a record number of travelers are expected to pass through the Los Cabos International Airport on their way to an exciting vacation getaway on the sand and surf.

However, it is also the year that the infrastructure in Los Cabos starts to show the strain of a beach town that quickly was forced to evolve into one of the country’s top travel destinations.

Everything from the Los Cabos International Airport to the electricity supply and even the local roadways have tried to accommodate the increased popularity of Los Cabos.

Around town in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, as seen on April 13, 2023.

Now, even the traffic safety infrastructure, such as stop lights at key intersections in the community, are starting to fail.

Stop Lights Out of Service

According to locals, for the past nine years, the traffic signals on Boulevard Forjadores in Los Cabos have slowly been on the decline.

Now, they no longer function, causing traffic concerns, safety issues, and transportation delays for visitors to the area.

Cabo San Lucas Street with Cars and Tourists On It.

A lack of maintenance by municipal officials, along with the theft of key components of the traffic light system at the intersection, has resulted in them being out of service.

The result is chaos and a number of near misses as some cars respect what should be a four-way stop according to traffic laws, and others do not.

Some drivers have tried to bypass the intersection of Boulevard Forjadores and Paseo de Barlovento altogether, especially when speeding tourists across town.

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Cars blocking traffic

According to the Los Cabos municipal public works and public safety departments, they simply do not have the needed parts to make the repair, so the issue goes unresolved.

Issues Also in La Paz

Los Cabos is not alone in this issue. A major intersection in the Baja California Sur state capital, La Paz, also is experiencing a similar issue.

The traffic signals at the intersection of 5 de Febrero and Mariano Abasolo are not functioning in the city, likewise contributing to a number of near-miss accidents between drivers.

Traffic accident

Drivers have reported concerns about the lack of stoplights at both intersections as a major safety hazard.

The lack of lights potentially puts travelers to the two cities in danger in addition to the hassles and delays.

Municipality Commits to Fix the Issue

Because of the lack of replacement parts for the non-functioning intersection traffic light system, Los Cabos officials said the entire system on Boulevard Forjadores will simply have to be replaced instead of repaired.

In the meantime, the public works team is aggressively seeking new replacement parts for the other stoplights in the community in other states of disrepair.

Driver upset at traffic and other drivers

Priority is being given to intersections with the highest level of vehicle traffic, which includes traffic signals located in the key tourist corridor of Los Cabos.

What is the Issue With the Lights?

Granted, the impact of several hurricanes, most recently Hurricane Hilary, has played a role in the deterioration of the traffic signals at several intersections.

However, it was back in 2014 when Hurricane Odile impacted Los Cabos that the decline in the traffic signal equipment started.

Hurricane impacting the coastline with large waves

Combined with the local vandalism that has plagued the system, the time is here to finally make the repairs for the safety of both locals and tourists.

Tourist Safety at Risk

While there is no timeframe in place for the replacement of the traffic lights at Boulevard Forjadores in Los Cabos, the municipality has moved the issue to a significant concern level.

Paired with the much-needed, past-due repairs, critical intersections with high vehicle traffic, such as those serving the tourist corridor in Los Cabos, should eventually improve the overall safety of visitors enjoying a vacation getaway to the beach resort destination.

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