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Los Cabos Taxi Fares Skrocket — Is It The Only Option For Tourists?

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Los Cabos is one of the top luxurious destinations in North America. Travelers come here ready to splurge in most cases, unless you’re flying solo staying at one of Cabo’s top hostels.

Most visitors are here for the grand resorts on some of Mexico’s finest beaches. But that might cost you a pretty penny since the average rates lately have been $600 per night.

With summer winding down, perhaps that will change. One cost that looks set in stone is the sky-high cost of taxis in Los Cabos.

Hot air balloons over san jose del cabo

In the States, it’s almost a given that taxis are going to drain your bank account, but that’s not the case everywhere in Mexico.

In Cabo, however, there is an ongoing debate in the hotel industry on whether costly taxi fares negatively impact tourism.

Cabo Is Among The Top 3 Most Expensive Cities In Mexico

Factoring in the high rates for hotels, the last thing travelers want to do is spend more money. That’s why many tourists go the all-inclusive route for their stay and don’t leave the resort.

pool at los cabos resort

That way, you know exactly what you’re paying and can have a fun, worry-free vacation. But there is also a group of travelers who want to go out and see the sites, and who can blame them?

Cabo is much more than just a top beach destination. But what is the most efficient and affordable way to get around?

Surely, it can’t be taxis, can it? That seems so old-school for a premiere vacation spot.

What Do Los Cabos Taxis Charge?

The cost of transportation has raised red flags, much like Cabo’s beaches. Figuratively, of course. The prices to get around are through the roof.

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ordering cab ride from phone

Recent reports claim a single taxi ride from the Los Cabos International Airport to Cabo San Lucas can total $100, if not more.

Assuming you pay hundreds of dollars per night at one of Cabo’s many ritzy resorts, you are going to pay $200 just to get to the city and go back home.

That’s a rate of 1700 Mexican pesos to go just 40 kilometers (roughly 25 miles). That’s a lot of dough for a simple service!

While this issue has raised alarms for the travel industry, it doesn’t appear to be a deterrent for tourists.

female traveler hailing a cab

A spokesman for the Los Cabos Hotel Association discussed this concern. While the sky-high taxi fares are a hot topic, the overall image of Cabo takes precedence.

Bigger concerns are infrastructure and overall cleanliness to present a welcoming image for visitors.

Cabo is known as a top luxury destination, so splurging your paycheck seems to be synonymous with vacationing here.

Other Transportation Options

Americans love pressing buttons on their phone and receiving almost instant service. Yes, we’re talking about mega-popular ride-share services, Uber and Lyft.

uber vehicle

While Lyft does not service this region at all, there have been conflicting reports of Uber’s place in the Cabo market, especially at the airport.

It seems taxis have a monopoly over Uber for airport rides, so that would definitely set passengers back around $200.

Uber does operate in and around the city, so it’s quite possible to save money that way compared to expensive taxi rides.

What about renting a car? This is always an option for travelers here, but there are some factors to consider.

exterior of los cabos airport

Rental car prices tend to surge during the busiest seasons. Plus, insurance coverage is required, and so is returning the vehicle with a full tank of gas.

In all likelihood, depending on the length of your trip, this could set you back hundreds of dollars too.

Many resorts offer shuttle service to/from the airport, but not all offer shuttle service to the city center.

If there is a specific activity you want to experience, it’s best to book directly from the resort. Safe, reliable transportation will be provided.

However, at some point, you may need to bite the bullet and pay for an expensive taxi, but not for every ride.

exterior of los cabos airport

A mix of Uber, hotel shuttles, and rental cars are on the table, but most travelers don’t want to spend their vacation days ‘nickel and diming’.

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Saturday 30th of December 2023

Let's be real. Cabo is more expensive than California to stay, to eat, to play.

With a far more low-rent experience delivered. Soon, it will just be cruise ship suckers visiting and then eventually, that will die.

And Cabo will have done it to itself.


Thursday 9th of November 2023

My wife and I have been traveling to Cabo for the last 20 years. Alot has changed since then, and a lot not for the good. We just returned after spending 2 weeks there. We both decided this will be our last trip there. A whole new type of crowd is now visiting there. Much different than in the past. Taxi rates have doubled since last year. Uber drivers are not permitted in the resorts. You are required to meet them off property, if you choose to use them. We're done with Cabo!!!


Monday 28th of August 2023

I always rent a VW.

Randy Hooker

Monday 28th of August 2023

This is one of the reasons that the East Cape will explode soon. As if it isn't already... Los Barriles, La Ventana / El Sargento, the 4 Seasons at La Ribera and a 1,000 key resort coming to Rancho Leonero south of Buena Vista. Cabo prices are driving people north. Where people can still have some semblance of tranquility. And not get ripped off.

Stu Pidas

Sunday 27th of August 2023

This is just another scare tactic to convince people to go all inclusive. This is killing the restaurant business in town as well as the tourism. I NEVER go all inclusive and eat hotel food. There are so many good choices in town to eat. Hell, I'm on vacation so spending another $20 to go back and forth to town nightly to enjoy local food is not a big deal.