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These Los Cabos Beaches Have Been Reopened To Tourists, But There Are Still Restrictions

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Hurricane Hilary put a damper on many travelers’ plans to have a sun-soaked getaway to Los Cabos. There was flooding, unsafe beach conditions, and severe weather.

That’s not exactly the recipe for a dream beach vacation. Now that the storm has passed, beaches are reopening.

red flag on pretty beach

However, the Health Department recommends staying away from beaches for 5 days. Others are in danger of losing their prestigious blue flags, largely in part from mass amounts of garbage that washed up.

In other words, Cabo’s beaches are still a top attraction, but it may not be quite what you expect right now.

Beaches With Yellow Flags

On August 22, the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) made the call to reopen some of Cabo’s famed beaches.

yellow flag posted on beach

Before you jump for joy and hit the waves, let’s take a step back and see if this is a good idea. We already know what the Health Department thinks about hitting up the beach, but it’s really up to tourists.

Of course, high on the list for tourists in Cabo is spending time at the beautiful beaches. But if you happened to be there already or plan to visit this week, it may not be what you had in mind.

Cabo beaches go off of a colored flag system to determine the level of safety for that particular beach.

As of now, there are 10 reopened beaches with yellow flags. High gusts of wind are still being reported, and this is a key factor in beachgoers safety.

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high waves at beach in cabo

Of course, this can change at any time, given various factors that go into determining these safety risks.

So, what does yellow mean? Beaches with yellow flags planted are categorized as dangerous, yet tourists are allowed to visit.

Extreme caution is strongly advised to avoid unnecessary accidents. There have been many reports lately of drownings in Cabo, so it’s important to take this safety system seriously.

The beaches that currently have a yellow flag are:

  • El Surgidero
  • Hacienda
  • Palmilla
  • Acapulquito
  • La Gaviota
  • El Corsario
  • La Ribera
  • Las Viudas
  • El Chileno
  • Santa María
santa maria beach in cabo

Beaches With Red Flags

One step further than yellow flags are red flags. If you’re a first-timer to Cabo, it’s not unusual to see red flags posted on some of the nicest beaches.

This is because some of Cabo’s waters just aren’t safe to be in. It’s better to enjoy at a distance. Many resorts that line the gorgeous coastline are actually set on unsafe beaches.

The crystal blue water may look inviting, but it may be best to enjoy it from your room’s balcony or even a nice stroll.

red flag on a beach in cabo

Red flags mean that the beach itself is open, but there is no bathing allowed. The conditions are just too sketchy for a swim.

Large waves and unpredictably strong currents can sweep you away before you can say “take me to Cabo Wabo!”.

At present time, all beaches in the San José del Cabo Tourist Corridor have red flags planted. But hey, your resort’s swim-up bar should still be open!

Cabo Has Plenty To Offer Besides The Beach

crowded pool at cabo resort

The scoreboard this week might show Mother Nature: 1 Tourists: 0, but that should not deter you from going out and seeing more of this scenic region of Mexico.

Yes, Cabo is definitely a beach destination. However, there is so much to experience away from the beach.

While the pristine blue-flagged beaches are getting cleaned up and many others are still hazardous, travelers may find themselves in a pickle.

Sure, the resorts are amazing on their own, and nobody says you have to leave. If chillin’ at the pool is how you want to spend your time, there is nothing wrong with that.

waterfall in cabo

You can even hop from resort to resort with this awesome food and wine pass. But outside of the luxe resorts and famous beaches are stunning waterfall hikes, day trips to charming small towns, world-class spas and much more.

While the storm may have put a damper on your plans, the beach restrictions shouldn’t necessarily deter you from having an awesome trip.

If all goes according to plan, hopefully, more and more beaches will be posted with green flags.

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