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Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber Spotted Vacationing In Los Cabos

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Some of the most popular ladies in Hollywood jetted off to Los Cabos to enjoy the last days of the summer this week. According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Lori Harvey, and Justine Skye rented a yacht and went out to sail in Cabo San Lucas Bay.

The group of celebrities were not afraid to be seen by fans and local paparazzi, showing a very relaxed attitude throughout their entire time on the yacht. 

Kendall Jenner At Fashion Show

All of them jumped into the ocean and swam around with the help of a couple of simple floating devices, just like many other tourists who rent a yacht in Cabo would be able to do.

The fun seemed to really heat up though when Kendall Jenner took out some bottles of her own tequila brand. Later, when the group was sitting back at the outdoor terrace-style part of the boat, Jenner took the opportunity to take some pictures, presumably for the brand’s Instagram.

Kendall can be seen pouring a cocktail with Justine Skye serving as the official photographer. 

Promoting The Tequila Was Not The Only Reason For The Trip 

The girl trip to Cabo that these celebrities took part in was not just a promotional stunt for Jenner’s tequila brand. It was actually a part of Justine Skye’s birthday bash.

Skye uploaded multiple pictures to her Instagram account of the different activities that the group took part in while on their trip. 

One of the most celebrated posts on her Instagram started out with a small selfie video with the interior of the yacht in the background.

Her followers were able to catch a glimpse of the balloons and the decorations that the yacht staff had set up so that Justine could enjoy her birthday. 

Other Tourists Took The Opportunity To Catch A Close Glimpse Of Their Favorite Celebrities

In one of the pictures posted from the trip on Instagram, Justine Skye may have inadvertently shown a small water taxi boat right next to the group’s yacht.

During their time at sea, the group did come across quite a few of those water taxis with tourists and potentially paparazzi trying to catch a closer look into what was going on inside the boat. 

Los Cabos Glass Bottom Boat Tour with Other Boats Nearby

Hailey Bieber, for her part, also shared some pictures of her trip to Cabo. Mesmerizing fans with pictures of her in the blue bikini that she was sporting on the yacht.

She also took some time to photograph a couple of local Cabo celebs. The sea lions that are constantly present near the Cabo San Lucas Marina were also part of Bieber’s Cabo appreciation post.

Kendall Jenner also posted some pictures of the girl’s trip to Cabo on her Instagram page. Jenner was the most cryptic of the three with her posts.

She went with the typical mirror selfie showing off her room for the week in the Mexican Pacific, following that up with a simple picture of a Cabo beach and then shot glasses next to the tequila bottle.

If it weren’t for the paparazzi pictures and the fact that the other ladies on the trip made it more clear they were in Cabo, it would’ve been hard to tell just from Kendall’s post. 

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Any Tourist Can Rent Out A Similar Yacht

Taking into account the level of celebrity that at least 3 of the ladies from the group are a part of, they rented out a yacht that’s not necessarily the most luxurious option in all of Cabo.

These yachts can be rented out by regular travelers who want to head out into the Pacific Ocean while on their Cabo vacation. Does this mean that any traveler can bring their own Tequila on board the boat that they rent as well? 

Azimut Yachts are very popular for Los Cabos rentals

Of course, the yacht rental company was not going to deny Kendall Jenner the chance to take her own tequila brand on the boat tour.

Having these 4 ladies on one of their boats was a great promotional opportunity for the rental company. Tourists coming to Cabo in the coming weeks should not be surprised to find yacht rental companies promoting their boats as the one used by Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

In any case, these tours are not overly restrictive for travelers. If there’s a special request that a client has, most of these rental companies will be happy to oblige.

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