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Despite Ruling Saying Otherwise, Uber Is Unable To Operate At Los Cabos Airport 

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Uber has had a long journey trying to get into the rideshare market in Mexico, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get easier any time soon.   

A court ruling recently determined that Uber is actually legally operating in Los Cabos.   

But despite the ruling saying otherwise, Uber is still unable to operate at Los Cabos Airport. 

Los Cabos International Airport

Uber In Los Cabos 

Although Uber has been determined to be legal in Los Cabos, it has continued not to be able to operate at the airport.   

Although not as bad as in Cancun, taxi drivers still aim to dominate transportation in Los Cabos, making it difficult for Uber drivers to get in the game.   

Still, Uber does operate in Los Cabos, and you can request a ride. 

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Uber Gets The Okay To Operate At The Airport 

According to one Uber driver, Luis Manuel Solís, drivers were notified by email that they can, in fact, pick up both along the federal highway and at Los Cabos Airport.   

These are two areas that had previously been considered off-limits to Uber drivers.   

According to Solís, though, this has not really been possible. 

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The National Guard Steps In  

Mr. Solís has said that when they try to operate at the airport, the National Guard steps in.   

Uber drivers have been instructed to show the email saying that they can operate in these places to National Guard agents, but apparently, this does not help the situation.   

Solis commented that “In Los Cabos, if we go up a ticket in those areas and if the National Guard patrol stops us, for them, the digital notice we show them is not valid, arguing that we require an official paper but they do not tell us where we can request it.”   

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Should Travelers Take Uber? 

There are no reported safety concerns regarding using Uber in Los Cabos, but drivers do run into problems that can cause you inconveniences.   

The last thing you want is to be late for your flight because your Uber driver is unable to access the airport.   

That being said, it is perfectly safe and a cheaper way to get around town; you just might want to choose a different mode of transportation to and from the airport. 

passenger getting off an uber

Transportation In Los Cabos 

Fortunately, there are a number of great transportation options in Los Cabos, so if you don’t want to use Uber, you don’t have to.   

Taxis operate in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, as do shuttles, buses, and private transportation companies.   

From Los Cabos Airport to Cabo San Lucas, you can expect to pay as much as $100 for a one-way taxi trip, around $90 for private transportation, and about $15 for a shuttle. 

Uber Vehicle on a Street Waiting for a Passenger

Taxis In Los Cabos 

Taxis are a common form of transportation for tourists in Los Cabos, but taxi drivers basically have a monopoly that allows them to charge what they want.   

Taxis do not have taxi meters and can operate out of a variety of different vehicles, though typically passenger vans are used.   

Fake taxis are also a common thing in Mexico, so taking a taxi is not always the best method of getting from place to place.   

Uber vehicle on the street.

The Future Of Uber In Los Cabos 

Uber has already been given the okay to operate in Los Cabos, so it’s unlikely that it will be revoked anytime soon.   

But until the National Guard allows them to operate in areas like the airport, their status in Los Cabos is somewhat in limbo.   

Hopefully, the situation will be resolved so that tourists can utilize this inexpensive transportation option.

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Monday 26th of June 2023

Having been to Cabo a few times, the hotels and taxis definitely have a monopoly over rides to and from the airport, and since it's like 20 miles away from downtown cabo, you really have no other options. I have take ubers in and around the cabo area with little issues aside from not behing able to get an uber at the hotel / resort enterance and having to walk to the service road for a ride. Still it's worth it to save a bit of money.