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Los Cabos Remains Safe Despite Recent Increase In Crime

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According to local news, Los Cabos is now experiencing an increase in robberies.

Despite this, authorities claim the area remains safe for visitors.

The data

Wide view of coastline with ocean, beach, and city in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Recent data shows a 4% increase in the number of robberies taking place in the Los Cabos municipality.

In a recent interview, the general director of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic, Christopher López Monje, declared: “Right now we have approximately an increase of about 4% compared to the months of January and February of last year.”

He later specified that despite the increase, the recent measures put in place by the local government are ensuring that everyone in the municipality remains safe. 

The arch point (El Arco) at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. copy

But should Los Cabos tourists trust Captain López Monje’s words?

Is Los Cabos safe for tourists? 

Long story short, yes! Los Cabos remains one of the safest destinations in Mexico and is considered extremely safe for tourists. 

This is because most of the people living here work in the tourism industry. If safety levels ever decrease, travelers will start choosing a different location for their holidays, leading to an economic crisis for those living here. 

Top down aerial of stone arch and rocky cliffs in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at sunset

This is one of the many reasons why, in recent years, the Los Cabos government has made it its number one priority to constantly increase safety levels. 

How is the Los Cabos government keeping tourists safe? 

First and foremost, the Los Cabos government is focusing on beach safety. While plenty of areas here, such as Lover’s Beach and El Chileno Beach, are safe for bathers of all levels, others can be quite dangerous. 

For instance, Playa Solmar, Pedregal, and Divorce Beach are all off-limits due to the dangerous conditions of their waters. Here, tourists will find warning flags to signal a prohibition from entering the ocean. 

Cabo San Lucas bay view in Mexico. Baja California Sur

Apart from these, local authorities are constantly monitoring water safety levels and are extremely quick to place warning flags on the shores whenever a particular beach becomes too dangerous for bathers. 

But this is not the only way in which the Los Cabos government is working on beach safety. To get ready for the huge flux of tourists expected for spring break, local authorities have decided to crack down on street vendors to prevent foreign visitors from getting scammed. 

Police officers in Mexico

In recent days, the local government has also decided to deploy navy officials to protect the main tourist areas in the municipality. Known as Operation Lifeguard Holy Week 2024, thanks to this new initiative a total of 120 naval officers, captains, admirals, and other personnel have been deployed by the Los Cabos government.   

On top of this, Los Cabos also received 15 new vehicles to better protect tourists, including rescue boats, naval ships, ambulances, and more. 

Safety precautions all tourists should adopt

View of los cabos

Despite the high safety levels typical of this municipality, all Americans heading to Los Cabos are advised to follow a few basic guidelines. 

For instance, all tourists should familiarise themselves with the local flag color warning system. Here is a quick summary. 

Yellow flags indicate a general danger, while white flags signal the presence of dangerous animals in the water. On top of this, red flags prohibit people from entering the water, and black flags are a sign that a certain beach is closed completely. 

Yellow flag on a beach

Apart from this, tourists are also asked to follow a series of recommendations issued by the U.S. Embassy in its latest advisory.

These include enrolling in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to receive the most up-to-date information on Mexico’s safety, purchasing travel insurance, drinking responsibly, and regularly monitoring credit and debit cards.

Despite this, it’s important to remember that Los Cabos remains largely safe for tourists. As U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, declared, even though students should always remain vigilant during their trip, Los Cabos’ safety levels don’t differ too much from the ones of other major U.S. cities.

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Robert Corkrum

Thursday 21st of March 2024

Of course,Holes in roads sewer running in streets ,more crime and the Governor, Mayor,and. Police chief say everything is fine???