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Lifeguards Added To All Los Cabos Beaches To Protect Tourists 

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Los Cabos is known for its stunning beaches, but although beautiful, they can be dangerous at times too. 

Some of Los Cabos’ beaches are even unsuitable for swimming all the time.   

Visiting the destination for the first time, tourists may not be aware of this, so it’s a priority for officials to alert visitors of the dangers and employ staff to keep them safe.   

During busy times, the staff is typically increased, so it’s no surprise that lifeguards have been added to all Los Cabos beaches to protect tourists during the busy weeks ahead according to the delegation coordinator of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone in Los Cabos.

Lifeguard Chair on a Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

More Lifeguards To Protect More Tourists 

With spring break going on and the Easter holiday coming up, and summer just around the corner, Los Cabos is in the midst of one of its busiest seasons.   

Just during the weeks of spring break alone, nearly 45,000 tourists are expected to arrive in Los Cabos.   

The increase in visitors requires more safety personnel to protect tourists, which is why numerous lifeguards have been added to Los Cabos beaches. 

Lifeguard looking at the waves on a beach

Multiple Lifeguards On Many Los Cabos Beaches  

In addition to ensuring that all beaches have lifeguards, several Los Cabos beaches have been staffed with multiple lifeguards to watch over beachgoers.   

Three very popular beaches, Viudas, Chileno, and Santa María beaches are each now staffed with two lifeguards.   

The most popular beach in Los Cabos, Medano Beach, now has four lifeguards.  Other beaches will have at least one lifeguard during the busy period ahead.   

View of popular Medano Beach with beach umbrellas and surfboards, in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Hotel Lifeguards On Los Cabos’ Beaches 

In addition to lifeguards employed by the city, several hotels along the beaches have their own lifeguards.   

They are there to assist if necessary.   

Most hotels have their own lifeguard staff, so if there’s a hotel in front of you on the beach, there are probably extra lifeguards around.   

Hotels and Resorts Lining Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Unswimmable Beaches In Los Cabos 

Lifeguard or not, some beaches in Los Cabos are always unswimmable.   

This is due to large, strong waves and unpredictable currents that can pull swimmers out to sea.   

The unswimmable beaches in Los Cabos include: 

  • Divorce Beach 
  • Solmar Beach 
  • Pedregal Beach 
  • Monuments Beach 
  • Hotel Beach 
  • El Tule Beach 
  • Estuary Beach 
Rough Waters of Divorce Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Beach Warning Flags – They Could Save Your Life 

If you’re ever in Los Cabos and you’re unsure about whether you’re on a swimmable or unswimmable beach, you can tell by looking for the posted beach flag.   

These flags warn beachgoers of the current beach conditions and can save your life.   

If you see a red or black flag, the water is not safe for swimming, and even if you see a yellow flag, you should exercise extreme caution when entering the water.   

Only when you see a green flag are the conditions suitable for swimming. 

Red Flag on a Los Cabos Beach

Other Precautions Being Taken On Los Cabos Beaches During These Busy Times 

An increase in lifeguards is not the only precaution being taken on Los Cabos beaches right now.   

Beaches are also being patrolled by military officers to deter crime and keep tourists safe.   

Additionally, the use of jet skis on beaches where tourists swim is being suspended for now in order to prevent accidents. 

Jet Skis in the Water in Los Cabos, Mexico

Best Time For A Los Cabos Beach Vacation 

The weather in Los Cabos is great pretty much year-round, with more than 350 days of sunshine a year, so from a weather standpoint, any time is a good time to visit Los Cabos.   

The summer months are the perfect time for a beach vacation, though.   

The sun is hot, and it’s not quite as busy as spring and winter, so you can’t ask for much more than that.

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