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Los Cabos Deploys Navy Officers To Protect Main Tourist Areas 

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Security is always a priority in Los Cabos, especially during the busy seasons.   

During times like spring break and winter, when American and Canadian travelers vacation in Los Cabos to escape the cold, security is enhanced even further.   

The most recent increase in security measures consists of Los Cabos deploying Navy officers to protect the main tourist areas according to the Secretariat of the Navy.

Boats in the Marina Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Operation Lifeguard Holy Week 2024 

With spring break underway and Easter just around the corner, Los Cabos has launched Operation Lifeguard Holy Week 2024.   

Set to continue through April 5th, the operation is similar to those launched during other busy seasons, such as Operation Lifeguard Winter 2023.   

The operation’s main element this time is the deployment of 120 naval officers, captains, admirals, and other personnel.   

Rescue Board and Yellow Flag in Los Cabos, Mexico

More Equipment For Rescues And Monitoring Tourist Areas  

Part of the operation put into action to protect the huge influx of tourists was additional resources to be used by officials.   

This includes 15 units, including both ground vehicles and marine vessels.   

Of that 15, three are rescue boats, two are naval ships that provide surveillance from the sea, two are ambulances, and eight are ground vehicles, most likely ATVs used for patrolling tourist areas.   

ATV Used by Lifeguards to Monitor Los Cabos Beaches

Los Cabos’ Busiest Areas 

There is something to see and do in many areas of Los Cabos, but certain areas are busier than others among tourists.   

The main tourist hotspots are the marina areas, particularly in Cabo San Lucas, the downtown area, and the beaches.   

Of the beaches, the one that you can expect to see the most security officials and emergency responders on is Medano Beach, also located in Cabo San Lucas.   

El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

Safety Precautions To Consider  

Along with the announcement of this new security operation, Los Cabos officials also shared some safety precautions that tourists should consider.   

Recommendations are geared towards preventing accidents on the area’s beaches.   

They include: 

  • Not entering the water while under the influence of alcohol.  
  • Swimming near a lifeguard. 
  • Following the guidance of lifeguards.  
  • Keeping a close eye on children.  
  • Leaving access for safety vehicles to get through.  
lifeguard sitting surveying beach

How You Can Help Authorities Keep You Safe On Los Cabos Beaches 

When visiting the beaches of Los Cabos or anywhere else, much of your safety is in your own hands.   

First and foremost, respect the beach warning flags, as they could be what saves your life.   

Los Cabos beaches are known for their rough seas caused by unpredictable currents and large waves.   

If you see a red or black flag, it indicates dangerous conditions, and you should not enter the water.   

Additionally, it’s important to follow any other recommendations of authorities, as they know best where danger exists.   

Red Flag on a Los Cabos Beach

What To Do In An Emergency Situation 

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation when visiting a foreign country can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.   

Having nearby security and safety officials makes it easy to run to someone to get help.   

If you don’t see security officials or emergency personnel, should an emergency arise, you can also call for help.   

The number to do that is 624-105-1110, or you can dial 066 from your cell phone or landline.  

Tourists and Security on the Beach in Front of the Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How Safe Is Los Cabos? 

Los Cabos is one of the safest vacation destinations in Mexico.   

The biggest safety risk when visiting the destination is the often rough seas.   

As long as you follow safety recommendations and stay in tourist areas where security officials and safety personnel are present, you should have no issues when visiting Los Cabos.   

Furthermore, the launch of this new operation makes Los Cabos even safer.

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