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Los Cabos Internet Speeds Average Less Than 25% Of U.S., Should Tourists Be Concerned?

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For many travelers around the world, amenities are an important part of selecting a location for their next vacation.

That’s why Los Cabos has become such a popular location when it comes to sand, surf, and plenty of fun.

However, for those looking for a superfast road to the information superhighway when on vacation may not want to select Los Cabos for this amenity feature.

Slow Down on the Digital Highway

Woman working on laptop at beach

According to a recent report issued by a representative from the Tecnológico de Monterrey Business Creation and Development, Los Cabos has relatively poor internet speeds in the area relative to other destinations in the world.

The average speed of the Internet in Los Cabos clocked in at about 50 megabits per second. This is well under the worldwide average of nearly 75 megabits per second.

It is also well under the average speed of the Internet in the United States, which is over 200 megabits per second.

Woman working remotely at a beachside cafe

However, does the speed comparison really matter to tourists in Los Cabos or is what you can actually achieve with the speed the most important amenities for most international visitors?

It’s All Relative

Albert Einstein once told us that it’s all relative. That’s an important thing to remember when we compare the Internet speeds in Los Cabos with those in other places around the world.

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Laptop on a Lounge Chair on a Sandy Beach

Yes, the average speed in Los Cabos is only 50 megabits per second and is less than a quarter of the average speed in the United States.

However, 50 megabits per second, while not the best speed, is an adequate speed for what many tourists like to do while on vacation in the beach resort destination.

It is more than enough for getting basic email and surfing the web. It is even sufficient for other popular services used by tourists.

Woman using her phone at a beach resort

For example, Netflix recommends 3 megabits per second for its high-definition streaming service. It’s top level of streaming, ultra high definition streaming, only needs a 15 megabits per second internet service.

Both of these are well below the Los Cabos average speed of 50 megabits per second, meaning it is adequate for Netflix streaming.

Again, it’s all relative. It appears that while 50 megabits per second is below the worldwide average speed, it is sufficient for what most tourists would need when visiting Los Cabos.

Worker Fixing a Power Line

Los Cabos Remote Workers

For visitors to Los Cabos looking to work remotely while enjoying the sand and surf in Los Cabos, the Internet speed is critical to getting work done.

However, even popular business video conferencing platform Zoom requires only 4 megabits per second or less for most of its services.

Remote worker at a beachside location

This also is well below the 50 megabits per second which is the average in Los Cabos.

There may be some specialized business technology platforms that require faster speeds.

However, for the most part, the average speed of 50 megabits per second is adequate for most business needs while visiting Los Cabos.

Enjoy Some Surfing in Los Cabos

Surfing on a big wave

Los Cabos travelers should not be concerned that the speed of the Internet in Los Cabos is below the world average and less than a quarter of the United States average.

It seems sufficient for most of the needs tourists and business professionals would have when visiting the beach resort destination.

It also appears to have most of the working needs of digital nomads that make their way to Los Cabos for a sand and surf working holiday.

So go ahead and enjoy surfing while in Los Cabos, even if that means checking out some websites and getting some digital work done on the beach instead of physically hitting the waves on a surfboard.

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