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Los Cabos Hotels Nearly Full As End Of Year Approaches

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It’s safe to say that 2023 has been a good year for Los Cabos, as tourism rates have been higher than ever, and consistently growing. 

With an estimated 4 million people having visited Los Cabos in 2023, the Baja California Sur trending destination seems to only be growing in terms of popularity. 

Because of its growing popularity, the destination had no low season, with constantly high hotel occupancy rates and high prices. 

Cabo sign in front of a building

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it come predictions for the end of 2024.

A recent announcement of a prediction has signified that Los Cabos will end the year on a high note, with hotel occupancy at 90% for the holiday season. 

This comes after Los Cabos’ hotel occupancy rates climbed to 70-80% in the fall months

Why Los Cabos Hotels Have Such High Occupancy Rates 

resort in los cabos

According to the executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association Lilzi Orcí, local officials expect Los Cabos hotels to reach 90% capacity by the end of the year due to the holiday season. 

Orcí stated that oftentimes, holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day result in the peak travel season in Los Cabos. 

This rise in hotel occupancy rates mirrors the tourism rates last year, as hotel occupancy also reached 90% in December.  

He noted that the challenge going into 2024 will be maintaining the incredibly high hotel occupancy rates that hotels and luxury resorts saw all throughout 2023, even during periods that are typically low travel seasons. 

Why Tourists Are Flocking to Los Cabos 

With no shortage of things to do, tourists are flocking to Los Cabos like never before. 

The epic food scene, endless array of beachside activities, and luxurious resorts make it one of the highest-trending vacation destinations in the world. 

snorkeling with wet suit

For instance, Los Cabos is specifically known for its beachside activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more, as tourists head to the destination to enjoy some fun in the sun. 

The fall and winter seasons are also peak animal viewing times, so for tourists that are interested in activities involving animal life like whale watching, swimming with dolphins, swimming with sea lions, and more, they have been heading there with renewed interest. 

horses on the beach

Like the unparalleled beaches, tourists are also drawn to the nature in Los Cabos, which perfectly suits outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, swimming in hot springs, and more. 

The numerous UNESCO-certified areas are perfect for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors. 

There are also very popular easy day trips to islands and cities near Los Cabos, where tourists can enjoy the best of nature and animal life that the Baja California Sur region has to offer. 

pool at los cabos resort

In addition to this, Los Cabos is known for its luxury resorts, and while the destination is often pretty pricey, tourists are flocking to Los Cabos because many of the all-inclusive resorts have special deals for the holiday season that make the destination more affordable. 

The included costs of food, transport, and entertainment make these all-inclusive resort deals exclusive and of high interest to tourists.  

In addition to exclusive price deals, as one of the most festive vacation destinations in Mexico, Los Cabos is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones in style.

christmas in los cabos

Another reason why tourists love going to Los Cabos is because in addition to great activities and good price deals, Los Cabos also happens to be one of the safest destinations to visit. 

Los Cabos authorities are always upping their game, and in the last few months have worked hard to implement new safety measures like recruiting more police officers and posting more lifeguards on the beaches.

red lifeguard hut on beach

With the large presence of security, there are low criminal activity rates and thus, the destination remains safe for tourists year-round. 

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