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Los Cabos Among Top Destinations In Mexico For Festive Winter Getaway

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Everybody handles the holidays differently. Some prefer to stay home for a family get-together and fake a smile through their Uncle’s same story year after year.

Others can’t wait to escape grandma’s mystery “meatloaf” and head off to their destination of choice for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year’s.

christmas in los cabos

Winter is a great time to travel, especially to a place like Los Cabos. Mexico takes holiday traditions very seriously.

Los Cabos may not offer some of the authentic traditions found in more cultural destinations, but travelers will not be disappointed in making Cabo their holiday getaway this winter.

All the fun expected to be had come Christmas time can be found in Los Cabos, making it one of the top destinations in Mexico for a festive winter getaway.

How Festive Can Paradise Be?

cabo resort in december

Generally, when one thinks of Los Cabos, it probably has little to nothing to do with Christmas. The wide consensus of Baja’s paradise is stunning beaches and world-class resorts.

That doesn’t exactly sound like sleigh bells, milk and cookies, and chestnuts on an open fire. But hey, everyone seeks something different for the holidays.

Cabo travelers can expect what they normally would in any other time of year, just with a twist. No, you won’t find anything close to the famed Christmas markets of Europe, but you will find other fun festivities all around.

boat with christmas lights

Many resorts will host their own unique holiday-themed events tailored to their guests. Ranging from musical performances to Christmas dinners, guests will have a ball taking in the holiday spirit.

Cabo isn’t exactly a “winter wonderland”, but you can still be jolly with what you have. One thing Cabo has for sure is boats. Lots of ’em.

A popular event is the Cabo San Lucas Nautical Christmas Parade, where all types of vessels decked out in Christmas decor lead a parade along the scenic bay.

Culture And Traditions In Los Cabos

posada christmas celebration

It’s safe to say Cabo has a reputation of being “touristy”. But we mustn’t forget no matter the destination, locals have a history full of traditions that are hoped to be carried on for generations.

Los Cabos is no different. While cultural traditions may not be on the same scale as, say, Guadalajara, one of Mexico’s top cultural hubs, there are authentic cultural experiences for tourists here.

No matter where you are in Mexico in December, it’s a sure bet you can find traditions dating back lifetimes.

Here in Los Cabos, the same traditions take place to celebrate the most magical season of all. Tourists can partake in festivities, such as Las Posadas.

christmas pinatas

These seasonal celebrations go on for 9 days starting December 16th. Just follow the candlelit group of holidayers and see where the night takes you.

Cabo Is One Of The Safest Destinations In Mexico

Over 66 million tourists made their way to Mexico last year, according to the Mexican government. It’s undetermined how many tourists will come to Mexico by year’s end, but it’s sure to be a massive number.

The point being, a majority of those tourists made it back home unscathed despite mainstream news headlines often depicting Mexico as a “danger zone”.

festive street in cabo

Of course, there are places not very welcoming to tourists, but it’s not how the whole country should be portrayed.

Given the holiday season is coming up, whether traveling as a family with the kids in tow, a couples retreat, or even flying solo, safety is always important.

Many places have holiday festivities, but you want to make sure it’s safe to visit. According to a new report, Los Cabos is one of the safest destinations in all of Mexico.

Escape The Frigid Cold Of U.S. Winters

cabo sign on sunny day

Not every part of the U.S. requires households to keep a shovel on hand for the impending snowfall each winter.

But there are enough places to have people dreaming of warm weather places for a dream getaway. No place fits that mold more than Los Cabos.

Factor in all the Christmas festivities. It’s the best of both worlds in terms of enjoying the magic of the season, all while escaping the downside of winter.

Temperatures tend to stay in the low 60s to mid-80s for the holiday season.

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