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Los Cabos Among The 3 Safest Destinations In Mexico For Tourists According To New Report

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Safety and security are top of mind for many travelers heading to Mexico for a vacation getaway, especially during the current peak fall and winter travel season.

For Los Cabos travelers, the good news is that according to news reports, Los Cabos has been named one of the three safest towns in Mexico for international travelers.

Partnership Leads to Safety

Aerial view beach in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur in Mexico

Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro cited a strategic partnership as the key to success when it comes to protecting the safety and security of travelers to the beach resort destination.

He said that the reason the municipality of Los Cabos was considered one of the three safest destinations in the country was in part due to the protection of visitors provided by the Mexican military – including the Navy and other armed forces.

Leggs Castro also acknowledged that the community of Los Cabos is dependent upon tourism to drive the economy so safety must come first.

Police car parked outside of a Los Cabos resort

In addition to the Navy, the Mexican National Guard has been providing important support to Los Cabos to ensure that travelers to the area feel safe and secure, especially during the busy fall and winter peak travel season.

Crime Rate Dropping in Los Cabos

According to the latest review of crime rates in Los Cabos during the month of October, the incidences of crime dropped during the month.

Municipal police in Mexico

The Baja California Sur (BCS) Stoplight Crime Report reflected this achievement, showing that the red lights, or danger, for seven types of crimes in September fell to red lights in only four criminal activity categories during the month of October.

The criminal activity that was still a concern in the area was drug dealing, vehicle theft, injuries, and domestic violence. All of these crimes seldom, if ever, impact travelers to Los Cabos.

The data shows that for the most part, travelers to Los Cabos experience a safe and secure trip when visiting the beach vacation destination.

Tourists walking in Los Cabos

Exercise Increased Caution

Despite the improvement in crime statistics, the United States Department of State maintains an “exercise increased caution” travel advisory for travelers visiting Baja California Sur, including Los Cabos and La Paz.

This is unchanged since August 22, 2023; however, the advisory has become more simplified for travelers to the area. It simply recommends travelers to exercise increased caution due to crime. There are no special travel restrictions for United States government workers in the area.

Tourists in cabo san lucas

Hopes are that the continuing improvement in crime levels will lead to an ultimate upgrade of the travel advisory level to the safest “exercise normal precautions” level. Only two Mexican states are currently at that level – Yucatan, including Merida, and Campeche.

Keeping Safe in Los Cabos

The crime rate in Los Cabos keeps improving, which should make travelers to the area feel more safe and secure when visiting for a vacation getaway to the beach resort destination during the current peak winter holidays travel season.

Mexican military patrolling the beach

However, travelers should take normal precautions to protect themselves. Most of the crimes affecting tourists in Los Cabos are petty property crimes. Tourists should avoid wearing items of wealth and leaving items of value, such as electronics, unattended in places such as local beaches, pools and day clubs.

Visitors should use the resort and hotel safe services to protect valuables from opportunity-driven property crimes affecting travelers.

Additionally, tourists should remain aware of their surroundings at all times and travel in groups when possible. They should also avoid putting themselves in situations that could result in a crime. If a place feels unsafe, avoid going there or contact local municipal police for assistance.

Travelers should also ensure that they have adequate travel insurance to protect themselves against theft when visiting the beach resort destination of Los Cabos.

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