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Los Cabos Beach Safety To See Large Boost Starting With This Change 

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To many travelers, a beach vacation is the best kind of vacation, and this is one of the many reasons that tourists choose Los Cabos as their destination.   

The popular region, known for hosting both celebrities and tourists from around the world, is characterized by stunning beaches and striking landscapes.   

Lifeguard Tower in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Many of the beaches in Los Cabos have safety issues, though, and some are even unswimmable.   

But Los Cabos beach safety is about to see a large boost, starting with the addition of more lifeguards.   

Why Some Los Cabos Beaches Are Not Swimmable 

There are five main things that contribute to how safe a beach is for swimming, and in Los Cabos, all of them factor into making many of the beaches unswimmable.   

The biggest issue that swimmers deal with in the region is the presence of strong currents, usually referred to as rip tides, that can drag swimmers out to sea.   

Other issues that might affect swimming conditions in Los Cabos include steep drop-offs, strong waves, dangerous marine life (although not as common as other factors), and limited lifeguard presence.   

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Increasing Lifeguard Presence  

Many of the factors that make swimming conditions dangerous on a number of the beaches in Los Cabos cannot be changed.   

The presence of lifeguards is one that authorities do have some control over, though, and the San Jose del Cabo Fire Department is taking action.   

They are currently recruiting people to train in their Aquatic Rescue Academy, to train as lifeguards that will help keep Los Cabos beaches safe. 

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The Aquatic Rescue Academy  

The Aquatic Rescue Academy trains men and women over the age of 17 to become aquatic rescue professionals, also known as lifeguards.   

They are actively seeking individuals with specific skills that will make them excel at learning how to rescue swimmers and make the beaches in Los Cabos safer for visitors.   

Firefighter commander Omar Barreras Núñez, the official in charge of the program, commented that the people they are looking for “must have certain skills not of knowledge, but physical, attitudes and aptitudes for us to ensure that they can carry out the appropriate process and in the end they can reach their accreditation process, thus ensuring that they can safeguard and carry out the techniques and procedure correctly.” 

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When Will New Lifeguards Be On The Beaches? 

Registration for the Aquatic Rescue Academy ends on April 30, 2023.   

From there, it will take about six months to get the new lifeguards trained and ready to start protecting the visitors on Los Cabos beaches.   

There have been 18 lifeguards trained through the academy that are already on the beaches, guaranteeing the safety of visitors. 

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How Many Beaches Are In Los Cabos 

Los Cabos beaches are spread out between Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor that runs between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, and San Jose del Cabo.   

Altogether there are at least 20 beaches in the region, but only about half of them are swimmable.   

The most popular swimmable beaches include: 

  • Medano Beach 
  • Lover’s Beach  
  • Cannery Beach 
  • Santa Maria Beach 
  • Chileno Beach 
  • Tequila Cove 
  • Palmilla Beach 
  • El Ganzo Beach 
  • Playa Acapulquito 
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Why Are Los Cabos Beaches So Popular 

Los Cabos beaches draw tourists from all over the world because of their beautiful blue waters and striking contrast with the desert landscape.   

It makes for beautiful scenery, even if some of the beaches aren’t ideal for swimming.   

Even on those that are not swimmable, tourists visit just to sunbathe and picnic, and take in the scenery. 

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Beach Safety 

Everybody loves a good beach vacation, but it’s only fun if everyone stays safe.   

You can do your part to ensure your own safety by following safety guidelines.   

But fortunately, there will be more lifeguards in Los Cabos soon to boost safety too. 

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