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Los Cabos Authorities Increase Police Presence For Tourist Safety

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Tourists can now feel safer than ever after the Los Cabos authorities decided to increase police presence in the municipality. 

These measurements have been taken to minimize and deter acts of criminality in the area and keep tourists and locals alike safe.

Police Officers on a Los Cabos, Mexico Beach

According to recent announcements, the General Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police, and Municipal Traffic under Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez will carry out continuous safe street operations to monitor several areas in Los Cabos. 

These safety measures have already led to positive results. In the month of August, a total of 21 operations were carried out by the authorities. 

The majority of these focused in the San José del Cabo area while a few were carried out in Cabo San Lucas, leading to the arrest of seven people. 

Is Los Cabos safe? 

Cabo San Lucas city centre

Given the authorities’ decision to increase the police presence in Los Cabos, some tourists may now wonder whether the area is safe. 

The general answer is that the municipality is safe for all visitors despite the recent crimes.

A few days ago, the news of Dr. Ali Suárez’s femicide circulated on all news media in Los Cabos. 

Mexican police officers standing guard.

Several protests have taken place throughout the municipality, with people demanding extra measures to eradicate gender violence. 

On top of this, 2023 also saw a 40.3% increase in the number of missing people compared to the same period in 2022. 

However, despite the alarming numbers, Los Cabos still remains one of the safest municipalities in Mexico, being constantly ranked among the best destinations in the country in terms of safety. 

Should tourists worry?

city centre Cabo San Lucas

It is also important to specify that tourists are rarely involved in these sorts of crimes.

Los Cabos authorities are continuously trying to improve the safety of their municipality both for the many tourists who choose this destination for their holidays as well as for the many people inhabiting the area. 

For instance, recently, it was decided that policemen without a school diploma would soon lose their position in an attempt to further professionalize the police forces. 

Police Officer Patrolling a Beach in Los Cabos

This is just one of the many measurements that were put in place in the last few days to increase Los Cabos’ safety. 

To give another example, authorities recently announced that El Medano Beach, one of the most popular among tourists, will be continuously monitored by the municipal and state police, the Navy, the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), and the National Guard.   

This is done not only to protect people from the dangers of the ocean but also to limit the number of scams and crimes taking place on the beach. 

In other words, despite the number of criminal acts committed in the municipality, Los Cabos tends to be extremely safe for tourists and visitors shouldn’t worry too much when booking their holidays. 

Boats and Tourists in the Cabo San Lucas Marina, With Senor Frogs In the Background

Small crimes

Despite Los Cabods being an extremely safe destination compared to the rest of the country, there are a few scams tourists should watch out for. 

For instance, early this year, a group of people started to target tourists by parking their vehicles extremely close to the victims’ ones.

Whenever the tourists would then try to get out of their parking spot, the scammers would come out of a closeby shop, staging a massive scene, shouting that the visitors had hit his car. 

The scammers would then proceed to threaten the victims by saying they would immediately call the police unless the tourists were willing to pay a disproportionate amount of cash right on the spot.

Police Cabo Vendor

This was not the only case of local scams directed at tourists. 

For instance, at the beginning of the summer, visitors were warned against fake activity packages including spa reservations, travel excursions, and even bookings for hotels that hadn’t opened yet.  

Authorities urge tourists who think they have witnessed a scam or another form of crime to immediately get in contact with the Control and Monitoring Center by calling 911. 

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