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Los Cabos Hotel Rates Expected To Average Over $400 Per Night In October

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High demand for Cabo hotels is expected to remain constant due to the multiple events that are slated to take place in the Mexican beach city throughout the month. This has caused average nightly rates for Los Cabos hotels to remain at over 400 dollars.  Despite the bad weather and an earthquake taking place near San Jose del Cabo over the weekend, the first big fishing tournament of the season, which traditionally kicks off the peak season for Los Cabos, was able to take place. These high-profile events tend to lure in more tourists to the region and drive up hotel prices. 

Los Cabos Fiesta Americana Resort

According to local sources, the goal for the Hotels Association of Los Cabos is to get occupancy rates at Cabo hotels to be over 70% for the month of October. If hotels are able to meet those goals, it’s highly likely that the average nightly rate will continue to rise. There are currently very few, even middle-tier level hotels, under the 400-dollar average.  

Beachside Hotel Los Cabos

Can You Find Hotels In Los Cabos Under The 400 Dollar Per Night Average? 

Although the average nightly rate in Los Cabos is set to remain at over 400 dollars, there are, of course, lodging options under that price. Granted, most of the options under that rate are 3-star facilities on down and are not usually beachside properties. There are notable exceptions, though, these are the top 4 or even 5-star beachside facilities located in Los Cabos that currently can be booked for under 400 dollars a night. 

Garza Blanca

Solmar Resort in Cabo San Lucas 

The Solmar beachside resort in Cabo San Lucas is usually one of those hotels that is right on the average of 400 dollars per night. For the month of October, though, travelers can find rooms at the resort for around 250 dollars. This resort has one of the best locations in all of Cabo San Lucas, sitting a couple of blocks from the city center. 

Solmar Resort in Cabo San Lucas

The private beach area that the resort features is very close to the famous Los Cabos arch. This resort may not be one of the newest properties in Los Cabos, and some of its facilities may reflect that. However, as previously stated, it’s one of the resorts with the best location in Cabo San Lucas.           

Cabo San Lucas City Center

Hacienda Encantada Resort & Spa 5-Star Beachside Property In Cabo San Lucas

There are a ton of options to choose from in this 5-star beachside property. Technically the base rate for the cheapest two-person room is under the average 400 dollars per night rate. In this particular case, it may be worth it to pay a little extra per night and find yourself within the average nightly price of 400 dollars to get an all-inclusive experience at this resort. You can book a two-person room for a tad under 300 dollars a night on a non-inclusive deal. The cheapest all-inclusive package starts at about 480 per night for two guests.  

Terrace overlooking a cliff

The resort features 5 different restaurants on site. Making the all-inclusive offer all the more appealing. Hacienda Encantada is located on a cliff that overlooks the ocean. The property features different lodging options, from private rooms to large villas. It’s a facility that offers a ton of amenities.    

Seafood Dish

Barceló Gran Faro Los Cabos – All Inclusive Option In San Jose del Cabo

This beachside resort in San Jose del Cabo offers an all-inclusive experience for about 380 dollars for two guests. The resort offers 5 different pool areas that travelers can enjoy. As is the case with the Hacienda Encantada resort, the lower-end booking options are the ones that are under the 400 dollars a night threshold that Cabo hotels offer. It’s important to point out that prices are accurate as of the day of publishing and may vary over the next weeks or months.