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Los Cabos Guarantees Clean Beaches During One Of Busiest Seasons For Tourism

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They say death and taxes are the only guarantees in life, and in the coming weeks, we will all either be hugely relieved or scarred by our tax bill.

Should you get a sizable tax refund, what better place to splurge than Los Cabos?

Especially, since the mega popular beach destination is making a guarantee of their own.

clean spacious beach in san jose del cabo

As hordes of travelers continue to make their way to Los Cabos this spring, any concerns about beach conditions should be alleviated.

The city is guaranteeing clean beaches for all vacationers in one of the most popular times to visit.

As Spring Break is in full force, followed by Easter, a surge of travelers are widely expected to flock to southern Baja’s shores.

Beaches may be jam-packed, but they are promised to be spotless by the Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT).

Key Focus On El Medano

playa medano in cabo

Not every Los Cabos tourist has their eyes set on El Medano, but it’s certainly the most popular. Local officials obviously know this and have assembled a team with both cleaning and security responsibilities to keep tourists happy and safe.

As hotels are nearly maxed out at 90% occupancy rates, the busier the hotels are tends to equate to how busy beaches are.

Given Medano’s notoriety in the area, this beach is largely expected to be the most crowded.

Tourists should still do their part to keep this iconic beach clean by properly disposing of waste, but there are crews in place to make sure it stays as gorgeous as advertised.

aerial view of medano beach in los cabos

Any popular beach, such as Las Tinajas to El Tule beach, Santa María, Chileno, as well as the Bay of Cabo San Lucas, among others will be prioritized, but El Medano tops the list.

Are Los Cabos Beaches Typically Dirty?

Travelers in search of sun and sand in Mexico’s top luxurious destination shouldn’t be terribly concerned about sanitary conditions on the region’s many beaches.

In fact, Los Cabos has the most Blue Flags of anywhere in Latin America, which signifies how pristine many of the beaches are in terms of cleanliness and sustainability.

beach chairs in cabo san lucas

Cleaning crews are typically formed to deal with the aftermath of hurricane season, but we are well past those days during spring.

If anything, forming these cleaning crews is a formality to deal with Spring Breakers who may have had one too many and may forget to toss their cervezas.

What tourists should be more concerned about are the water conditions that day backed by Los Cabos’ colored flag system.

With beaches ‘guaranteed’ to be clean, there’s not much officials can do about dangerous currents, for example.

santa maria beach in los cabos

In short, if beach flags aren’t red or black then you can consider it to be a good beach day. Other colors signify lesser concerns, while green means there are perfect conditions.

That being said, beachgoers should always exercise caution no matter the flag displayed that day.

More Lifeguards And Security Personnel

As winter turned to spring, Los Cabos officials knew there would be an influx of tourists. As such, plans were put in place to station more lifeguards on the most popular beaches and deploy more trained security offers across the region.

lifeguard rescue in san jose del cabo

Not only do tourists not need to worry about a blissful time at the beach in the most pristine conditions, but safety should not be a concern either.

Not to say Cabo is dangerous by any mean as it’s actually one of the safest destinations in the country.

For beachgoers, the most dangerous situation is Mother Nature as she can be unpredictable at times.

It’s best to follow directions from trained professionals, as there have been multiple beach accidents recently, including some that were ultimately fatal.

Whether cleaning crews, lifeguards, or security, staff are on duty from early morning to late at night, working tireless hours to ensure vacationers have the time of their lives safely and free from waste.

cabo police officer on beach

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