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Los Cabos Just Got Safer For Spring Breakers Thanks To This Recent Announcement

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With almost 45 thousand tourists expected to crowd Los Cabos soon, the local police decided to ramp up security. 

In a recent meeting, Luis Ovidio Marroquín Gómez, the Director of Fiscal Inspection, declared that authorities will carry out routine checks in local nightclubs and bars to ensure all tourists are safe during their holiday. 

View of a Los Cabos Beach at Sunset

But how is the local government planning to increase safety levels in the area? 

More security

Luis Ovidio Marroquín Gómez stated that his department, in collaboration with the Los Cabos Business Coordinating Council, identified areas of focus where spring breakers are expected to gather. 

Marina Cabo San Lucas Mexico Pacific Ocean. Created 08.28.23

These places will experience an increase in security forces who will patrol these areas, making sure no illegal activity is carried out. 

In addition, the local government is now conducting operations and controls to ensure that all restaurants and bars in the tourist areas of Los Cabos comply with the current legislation.

Mexican policewomen prepare to take care of the city

In this regard, Luis Ovidio Marroquín Gómez stated: “We just had a security table by Civil Protection where we are coordinating to carry out an operation and ensure that everything goes well regarding spring break, [to] ensure the security that visitors and people who live in the municipality of Los Cabos deserve (…) [and] to check that nightclubs, bars and restaurants comply with the applicable regulations regarding Tax Inspection.”

On top of this, Luis Ovidio Marroquín Gómez added that noise has also become a reason for concern. The Los Cabos Director of Tax Inspection said that extra operations will be put in place to verify regulatory permits and compliance with current schedules. 

Is Los Cabos safe? 

Shopping Area Cabo San Lucas Mexico Pacific Ocean Lighthouse created August1 2021

Considering the current increase in security, people heading to Los Cabos soon may now be wondering where this area is safe. Luckily, the answer is largely yes. 

This is mainly because most people in the area work in the tourism sector, meaning that if safety levels ever decrease, fewer people would start choosing this destination for their holidays. 

This would lead to an economic crisis, which would affect most citizens in the area, one of the main reasons why the local government has made it its number one priority to ensure high safety levels at all times. 

Police officers detaining People at private party

Not by chance, report after report keeps Los Cabos among the safest municipalities in Mexico. To give a recent example, a new report from the Anáhuac Tourism Research and Competitiveness Center placed this municipality among the safest destinations in the country. But what are some of the initiatives put in place by the local government to protect tourists? 

Just a few days ago, Los Cabos authorities decided to crack down on street vendors, a decision taken to protect foreign tourists from the scams sold by these unauthorized vendors.  

On top of this, the local government recently decided to increase road patrols to keep pedestrians safe.

Aerial photo of a beach in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos is known for the terrible conditions of its roads, which often lead to accidents. Apart from this, local drivers often ignore speed limits, becoming a danger for other drivers and pedestrians alike. 

The additional road patrols will ensure everyone drives safely and respects speed limits while making sure no one is under the effects of harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs. 

Why are so many people expected to flock to Los Cabos?

Los Cabos remains one of the most popular destinations for spring breakers for several reasons. First of all, its breathtaking beaches make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy some well-deserved rest before finals. 

Black yacht leaving the bay of Cabo San Lucas near Lovers Beach the south of Baja California peninsula, with clear blue sky and mountains in the background. sailing on the turquise blue sea of cortes

In addition, this area is home to a vast selection of luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts that regularly organize parties and events where students from all over the USA can meet and mingle.

Lastly, Los Cabos offers a wide variety of activities suiting all types of tourists, from hiking in the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, relaxing in one of the many state-of-the-art spas in the area, and exploring nearby local villages, such as El Migriño and La Ventana. 

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