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Los Cabos Urges Tourists To Avoid These Type Of Vendors

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It’s certainly no secret why Los Cabos is one of the premier destinations for a beach vacation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some negative aspects.

Any time you carry your passport, expectations should be tempered as there truly is no place like home.

vendors on beach in los cabos

As lovely and luxurious as Los Cabos is across the board, tourists do find themselves frustrated in certain situations on their trip.

The latest issue has been pesky vendors, especially in some of the most popular places to visit. Local authorities are aware of the issue and are in the midst of coming up with a game plan to ensure tourists fully enjoy their sunny beach vacay.

In the meantime, officials are urging tourists to avoid a specific type of vendor that’s easy to spot.

More Reports Of Minors Selling Souvenirs

vendors selling handmade items on los cabos beach

When we travel internationally, we get to see whole new aspects of cultures that we may not relate to back home.

Sometimes this can be one of the best parts of your trip and other times it can put bring down the mood.

One difficult scenario to witness is minors working to help their family make ends meet rather than simply being kids.

While there is certainly a moral and ethical perspective to consider as this sight will surely pull at your heartstrings, this is often why children can be the face of the business, so to speak, to entice tourists to give in.

vendor selling hats on los cabos beach

Locals have received upwards of a dozen new reports of minors selling goods to tourists on the streets and other popular areas.

It’s reached a point where the police have had to get involved.

Buying Souvenirs Is A Bandage To A Bigger Issue

Seeing a child selling you souvenirs to take back home will surely give you the ‘warm and fuzzies’ if you help out by making a purchase.

At surface level, it seems like the right thing to do, but in the long run it’s not helping the big picture.

vendors on beach in mexico

On the one hand, this isn’t a voluntary lemonade stand at a family garage sale; this is oftentimes exploitation of children being used to coax tourists to fork over cash for their parents.

If you’re approached on your favorite Cabo beach with your AirPods in enjoying a beautiful day, you are more likely to shoo away an adult selling souvenirs rather than an innocent child.

So, are you helping a family fill their fridge? Yes. In that sense, it is helpful. But, many kids will skip school in order to sell souveneirs, which does not help them long term.

Overrun With Unlicensed Vendors

vendors on a beach in los cabos

Los Cabos does a lot of things right, but they are having trouble getting a grip on the numerous unlicensed vendors who continue to pester tourists.

This, of course, includes children working as vendors too and is a more serious concern. The bottom line is the city is brainstorming new ways to fix the problem.

There are many vendors in Los Cabos who should not be dragged into this mess as they go about obtaining the right documentation to work legally.

Whether or not they are annoying tourists is a whole different issue, but this just comes with the territory of being a tourist in a mega-popular destination.

vendors on cabo beach

Los Cabos Admits Being Overwhelmed

The city is putting their heads together to both better protect children, alleviate the annoyance of tourists, and treat properly permitted vendors with fairness.

That being said, Los Cabos officials have admitted to being overwhelmed, but they are determined to get this right for everyone.

Streets and beaches are currently overrun with vendors, but the main concern is protecting minors, which is why the police were brought in.

street vendor in san jose del cabo

Now, tourists and locals are being asked to do their part by not engaging with them, which can further contribute to the problem.

“If it is a situation that affects us, but it also concerns us, we have to work hand in hand with all the institutions to avoid the ambulants of minors; although we are overthanged in street vendors who do not have permission, there is also a younger age.”

Luis Ovidio Marroquín, Fiscal Inspectorate of Los Cabos

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