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Los Cabos Breaks Record With Highest Number Of Tourists Recorded In Single Month

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The good news keeps coming for Los Cabos and their rebounding tourism sector. March has been a month that’s benefited the Los Cabos economy greatly. Now, the numbers are starting to show exactly how important the month was.

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Record-breaking March

The tourism trust (Fiturca) of Los Cabos came out with an announcement. Los Cabos will finish with a historic number of tourist arrivals. Los Cabos will close in March with an estimated arrival of 320 thousand visitors this month, exceeding the average of 300 thousand visitors during the month of March in all previous years.

Fiturca stated the main reason behind these numbers are the elimination of travel restrictions and economic recovery.

Statement from Fiturca

The Director of the tourism trust, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, spoke earlier this week “Our primary market has had a significant recovery. Los Cabos positioned has positioned itself as one of the best travel options.

 As one of our best travel markets, Canada had travel restrictions lifted for the first time in 2 years. We will exceed 300 thousand visitors traveling to the area. With one week left in the month, the final number could be closer to 350 thousand visitors.

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History of March

According to the National System of Statistical Information of the Tourism Sector of Mexico, March has become the best tourism month in recent years. However, recent figures have been off the last two years because of the pandemic. In 2021, Los Cabos hotels registered an average occupancy of 46%. They are comparing that figure to the same month this year, which is 79.7% occupancy on average.

Lilzi Orci Fregoso, executive president of the Hotel Association of Los Cabos, said during weekends and later in the month, occupancy has exceeded 85%. This figure is believed to be one of the highest in Mexico. Fregoso released a statement earlier this week, “ There is talk of breaking some records in March. We had an outstanding spring break season, which helped provide an economic lift to the area and the other tourism visitors.

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Where is tourism coming from?

Having the spring break season through the entire month of March always boosts visitor numbers. The spring break market, which is comprised almost entirely of students from the United States, combines with the rest of North America. 

The lifting of sanctions and high vaccination rates have reopened the two biggest markets for Los Cabos, Canada, and the United States.

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A somewhat surprising trend the area is seeing is the high number of national tourists in March. More substantial numbers from cities of the republic, such as Mexico City, Monterrey, and GDL. 
What is also beneficial regarding the national tourism numbers is that Holy week is later this year. Being able to see a boost in March without having Holy Week until April, which is an important week for national tourism to the area, helps solidify the substantial numbers.

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Forecast for the remainder of the year

While the traditional tourist season for Los Cabos is November through April, there is hope for a second act this summer. Los Cabos is emerging as a more robust market for European tourists than ever. Adding several vital flights from Europe later this year, Los Cabos officials are hopeful that the summer travel season, which is essential for the European market, can boost the summer months.

The first quarter of 2022  has been the shot in the arm the tourism industry in Los Cabos needed. The last couple of years has put an enormous constraint on the local economy. With an area that relies so heavily on tourism, putting the pandemic behind them and being able to welcome back tourists has local businesses hopeful.

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